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  1. Well, so much for hoping to get "Daphnes et Chloe" on VHS video. So, essentially, it is another "lost ballet", in that regard. Oh well! At least I can listen to the music. Thanks Mel. skater
  2. Thank you for your replies, Mel and Mashinka. I have ordered the music from Tower and now my next question is: Do either of you know where one can purchase the ballet on vhs video? I buy many ballet videos fron Kultur but they do not list Daphnis and Chloe and a search on their website and with Yahoo and Lycos turns up nothing. Any suggestions? Is it another "lost ballet"? Thank you. skater
  3. I was recently looking for a composition by Maurice Ravel entitled "Daphnes et Chloe" Suite 2. On the Tower Records site it is listed as "suite/ballet". Question: Is there an actual ballet with the name "Daphnes et Chloe" or is that music associated with a ballet of another name? Thanks. skater
  4. Thanks, alexandra and BalletNut! At least you've given me some "starting points". I will pursue both the book and the video information. I can't help but wonder why so little information is available on the web. Is it because "La Esmeralda" is a ballet currently "out of popularity"? skater
  5. I have been searching the web for ANY kind of information on the nineteenth century ballet, "La Esmeralda", but have come up with a virtual dead end, except for one brief entry on the ABT pages. Can anyone, here, tell me a little about this ballet and where I might be able to get it on video tape? Kultur makes no mention of it in their inventory. Thanks Skater
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