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  1. I happen to think Kathryn Morgan resembles Fonteyn both in looks and style of dancing. Just look at these photos: Margot: http://www.nndb.com/people/765/000113426/margot-fonteyn.jpg Kathryn: http://www.nycballet.com/company/personnel...tic/morgan.html Kathryn, while not a fully developed dancer yet, has that ballerina quality that Margot had. They both have beautiful lyrical styles and great interpretations of the roles that they perform. Plus, they both have big beautiful eyes. Does anyone else agree?
  2. Casting update- I was just at the state theatre getting a ticket and noticed on the casting sheet in the lobby that Kathryn Morgan is replacing Yvonne Borree in Romeo and Juliet for both performances tomorrow, Feb. 14th. There seemed to be no other changes. Has she done this role before? I know she did Peter Martins' Romeo and Juliet.
  3. Observer04

    Kathryn Morgan

    I noticed in the program at New York City Ballet that Kathryn Morgan is the new Janice Levin Dancer honoree. Congratulations to her!
  4. Janie Taylor- Gwyneth Paltrow Jenifer Ringer- Elizabeth Taylor Sara Mearns- Renee Zellweger Kathryn Morgan- Emmy Rossum
  5. The Lake Placid Center for the Arts website seems to have been updated with a few cast changes: Monday, July 2 • 7:30pm Featuring principals & soloists appearing courtesy of the New York City Ballet Company* and the two world premiere pieces. Featured performers to include: Ashley Bouder * Amar Ramasar * Seth Orza * Joaquin De Luz * Georgina Pazcoquin * Ana Sophia Scheller * Ask la Cour * Tyler Angle * Sara Mearns * Alina Dronova * Glenn Keenan * Ashley Laracey * Kathryn Morgan * Megan LeCrone * The 2007 program will premiere a New Ballet by Nilas Martins & John Selya. Reserved Seating: $28 $50 Patron Seating Available (limited to 30 seats) includes a reception to honor the dancers following the program at the home of the Mitchell Family.
  6. Gorgeous picture (along with a great mention) of Katie with Seth Orza in The New Yorker! Here is the online link: http://www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/danc...ancing_acocella
  7. On NYCB's website under dancers, there are three new ladies added to the corps de ballet: Kathryn Morgan, Courtney Muscroft, and Brittany Pollack. Congratulations to them!
  8. Upcoming Studio Talk is announced: February 22, 2007 at 6:45 pm Topic: The Grand Leap Forward Participants: Sterling Hyltin, Tiler Peck and Kathryn Morgan http://www.nycballet.com/ticketing_info/st...r1_TSMenuID=246
  9. I definitely think Kathryn will get another chance. I believe that Carousel goes quite a few times in the winter season. I can't wait to see Kathryn do it again. I saw her gala performance. What an absolute beauty! She is definitely one to watch! But I am sure Tiler will be wonderful, too!
  10. Yes, I also agree that Ana Sophia Sheller gave a fantastic Dew Drop performance. She is so techically strong as well as a performer. She and Tiler Peck should definitely receive a promotion soon. I also loved Adam Hendrickson in Candy Cane, and Melissa Barak and Amar Ramasar gave a strong performance as Hot Chocolate. As for Kathryn Morgan and David Prottas, I couldn't agree more! David is such a clean dancer. It seems as though every position and every line is picture perfect. Kathryn is clearly going to be a big name in the future. Her Carousel performance was just beautiful, and she has so much stage presence at such a young age. Didn't she also do Juliet in Saratoga? That is really amazing that she is getting these roles as an apprentice! However, I think that every single dancer in City Ballet is incredible, and kudos to them all for making each Nutcracker performance so wonderful!
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