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  1. Maybe Emily Kikta filmed it? https://observer.com/2020/05/new-york-city-ballet-spring-season-online/ 'Kikta is sticking to a regimented at-home exercise schedule, posting photos of her cat Lupin to Instagram, and making video content for the company with fellow dancer and fiancee Peter Walker, with whom she is quarantined.'
  2. Does anyone know what is the music at 2 hour 07 minutes? Edited to add: I have found it. It's from Hamlet Incidental Music. Andante non troppo
  3. Royal Ballet's Sarah Lamb and Steven McRae are the best couple in Rubies right now. They danced beautifully in the BBC telecast a few years ago
  4. Balanchine Ballets by Perm Opera Ballet Theater coming up at 10AM
  5. tomorrow Sleeping Beauty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLWK53UuZgM
  6. Dmitrii Vyskubenko played the main character in the Russian movie My Dad is Baryshnikov in 2010.
  7. It was Cainan Weber. He replaced Jonathan Fahoury for this role on Thursday too. On Thursday, his right slipper became loose and he managed to let it fly into the wing.
  8. I am trying to buy tickets. Website freeze when I check out. The page just showing this every time: Please wait while we process your order anyone got thru?
  9. She was nervous. Her face looked very tense with raised eyebrows the whole time
  10. In tonight's Stravinsky Violin Concerto, violinist Cyrus Beroukhim is amazing. Beautiful sound.
  11. Thanks. NYCB rarely hires non-SAB dancers, I wonder how he was 'discovered' by Martins (or Robbins). I hope NYCB website can add the dates in alumni page https://www.nycballet.com/Explore/Our-History/NYCB-Alumni.aspx
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