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  1. I do know the part that you are talking about, but when they actually perform Sascha ends up doing the combination that Ethan showed him up with earlier in the movie. Not trying to be picky or anything. I agree that "Giselle" or "Prince Siegfried" would require someone more experience than Sascha. Although I don't think he is too far away from getting those types of roles.
  2. I was hoping to find some pictures of her when she was a dancer, but I can't find any anywhere.
  3. Who do you think would take the place of Steifel if he retired or if his knee injury was too bad?
  4. Hi my name is Megan. I am 21 years old and I am from Salisbury, Md. I am currently living in Pittsburgh, PA and am still dancing. I have been dancing since the age of 5. I have taught a number of classes at my old dance studio in Maryland. Right now I am at Point Park University and am loving it.
  5. Was she on Broadway as well? Maybe in Jekyll and Hyde?
  6. Ms. Smith was a teacher of mine in Salisbury, MD. She also teaches in Milford, DE at First State Academy of Dance. I have read that she danced in Yugoslavia for King Alexander and was a soloist for the National Opera Theatre in Yugoslavia. I was just wondering if any of you have heard about her and if you can impart any other wisdom about her to me.
  7. I have not personally seen Sascha dance, except for "Center Stage". But I think that he could be the next big name for ABT. I think that with Ethan Steifel having problems with his knee's, Sascha could be the next person in line to step up and be a Principal. It also doesn't hurt that he is a cutie pie either.
  8. Personally, I think that it is wheat and not corn. When I was in the production it was wheat and that it what it will always be to me. I think that when different companies do the same production they are looking for a way to make the ballet their own. In order to distingish themselves from other companies. I also found this description of the ballet and it describes it as "Listen to the wheat" . Coppélia - Synopsis of the Ballet Suddenly a disturbance in his house propels a startled Dr. Coppélius into the village square! Not wishing to join the villagers, he returns to his house. The Burg
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