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  1. Also tonight (7:30 to 8:30), the Metropolitan Museum of Art will show a performance by Silas Farley of NYC Ballet and a group of dancers, including Taylor Stanley, in multiple galleries. Farley choreographed. Check Events at the Met Museum website. I don't know how long it will be up.
  2. If I remember correctly, Kennedy Center had a tribute to Balanchine, around 2000?, in which many companies across the country participated. The Joffrey Ballet performed Square Dance (as well as Tarantella), and I believe Elisha Keeler's words, spoken by someone else, was part of the performance. Not sure about this (use of a caller), but during this event, Nina Ananiashvili and Serge Filin, along with members of Suzanne Farrell Ballet, danced Mozartiana.
  3. On YouTube, Perm Ballet is showing a Robbins evening of The 4 Seasons and The Concert.
  4. The box office did say they were working on automatically crediting YAGP tickets and I would not have to do anything further. Later in the day, however, I received an e-mail saying "we need your full credit card to issue a full refund" [sic] and provided an individual's name and a phone # that, per the Koch Theater website, appears to be a legitimate theater phone #. I don't plan to follow up, at least for now, but wonder if others have had a similar experience.
  5. I was there on Tues, and overall thought the production disappointing and the leads not disappointing. However, whenever Osipova and Sarafanov jumped in the air and came down in an assemble, they are fastidious in landing in a 5th without fidgeting the 5th position. But they land flat-footed. I'm used to dancers landing on their toes first and then coming down in a more "cushioned," softer landing. Isn't this approach by the "Mik" hard on dancers' feet?
  6. The man in the Ventana pas de trois was originally Ricky Weiss. I think this was the role for which Ashley described her "trick" for holding an unsupported arabesque penche in promenade: in her autobio she wrote that she pretended the hand stretching behind her was reaching for someone and that gave her balance.
  7. In Soiree Musicale, the unfurling of a line of men behind Brittany Pollack was a great quote from Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto.
  8. I attended Tues and Thurs performances. I believe Tereshkina performed a different variation on Thurs, in fact the variation done by Vishneva (lead ballerina in white) on Tues. I was there Tues & Wed but not Thur. On Wed., Tereshkina (in white) repeated the same variation she did on Tuesday (with that flying diagonal of grands jetes), and the final variation performed by Vishneva on Tuesday was omitted on Wednesday. More later. On Thurs the variation with the diagonal of grand jetes was done by Somova (in white tutu).
  9. I attended Tues and Thurs performances. I believe Tereshkina performed a different variation on Thurs, in fact the variation done by Vishneva (lead ballerina in white) on Tues.
  10. What a great idea! Hubbe as Orpheus would be terrific.
  11. I didn’t see that in the finale, but I could swear I saw Sylve catch Pauline’s shoulder with her leg when Ask brought her over for the first touch down between the demi couple in the second movement. The second one was fine. It also looked to me like he was having some trouble partnering her at one point - not sure if it was in the second movement or in the finale but it was noticeable and I assumed that’s why they both looked so out of sorts in the finale. Come to think of it, I guess it was in the finale because I remember thinking at that point that she looked like she was thinking - Damn, it’s a good thing I can do all this without a partner and he’s not really NECESSARY... (Not saying any of it was Ask’s fault - just that she looked annoyed). I thought Peck & Woetzel were wonderful in Carousel. I’d seen it once before with the other cast and even though I’ve really enjoyed reading Alistair McCauley’s reviews, I thought he was a little daft when he said the pas de deux brought tears to his eyes. Now seeing it with Woetzel & Peck I had the same reaction. What a difference a little chemistry (and artistry) can make. And yes, I will remember this Square Dance not only for Megan Fairchild’s wonderfull peformance but also as the first time I was really wowed by Andrew Veyette. I agree that Agon was given a great performance this afternoon, but so was Apollo - Hubbe has such mastery of the role at this point, and this is one of the best performances I’ve seen from Borree. I thought she'd be totally overshadowed by Fairchild and Bouder - and they were great - but she held her own. She had a couple brief moments of shakiness in the pdd, but mostly she danced with great ease & joy. I also thought the mishap occurred during 2nd Movement. Sylve was being lifted upstage, into circle of arms formed by Pauline Golbin and Devin Alberda. It did seem like her extended foot bumped into Golbin's shoulder. But hard to tell because the dancers on stage didn't react to the incident. It was nevertheless a grand performance, and I was glad to be there. Fairchild and Veyette were wonderful in Square Dance, but I can't help wondering if we'll ever see again the way Bart Cook linked the steps (so that when I thought a phrase was ending, it would continue into something very nice). On some occasions on Saturday, Veyette didn't make it the sustained phrasing I remembered, but then I'm not sure Peter Boal was doing it during HIS last performances of Square Dance.
  12. This past Sunday 3/4/07 the Bettie de Jong role was performed by Orion Duckstein ... not sure whether a man was in that role before. Also interesting that his wife performed the role during last year's Paul Taylor season. Mr Duckstein was a calm eye in the center of that work. Perhaps did not quite reveal himself enough (was "blank") during that moment when the person is sitting down and then wracked with grief, but still a wonderful performance. The rest of the cast was uniformly great.
  13. tpc


    Hi: I live in New York and so, other than the two NYCB and two ABT seasons each year, don't get as many opportunities to see other dance companies any more. I remember too many wonderful NCYB performances to single out any one, but re: ABT there was a City Center season in the 90s (?) when the company was hit by a rash of injuries to male dancers. I was privileged to see Marianna Tcherkassky and Helgi Tomasson do a wonderful Giselle (the other Giselle that Saturday was with Peter Schaufuss and Natalia Makarova). I've attended performances abroad -- more often pre-2000 than recently. The most memorable was the first Bournonville festival, in 1979. It was so delightful we went to their season soon thereafter in Chicago. I also go to modern dance performances, and a favorite company was Merce Cunningham's. I was around to see performances by Karole Armitage, Chris Komar, and Rbt Kovich. Wonderful as they were, my favorite was around the time Frederic Gafner and Thomas Caley and Jenifer Weaver and lots of other wonderful performers were dancing.
  14. Thanks so much for the explanation. Usually I forget to check the date at the end, but this is helpful for future seasons.
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