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  1. Also tonight (7:30 to 8:30), the Metropolitan Museum of Art will show a performance by Silas Farley of NYC Ballet and a group of dancers, including Taylor Stanley, in multiple galleries. Farley choreographed. Check Events at the Met Museum website. I don't know how long it will be up.
  2. I think you're referring to Rachel Hutsell
  3. If I remember correctly, Kennedy Center had a tribute to Balanchine, around 2000?, in which many companies across the country participated. The Joffrey Ballet performed Square Dance (as well as Tarantella), and I believe Elisha Keeler's words, spoken by someone else, was part of the performance. Not sure about this (use of a caller), but during this event, Nina Ananiashvili and Serge Filin, along with members of Suzanne Farrell Ballet, danced Mozartiana.
  4. On YouTube, Perm Ballet is showing a Robbins evening of The 4 Seasons and The Concert.
  5. The box office did say they were working on automatically crediting YAGP tickets and I would not have to do anything further. Later in the day, however, I received an e-mail saying "we need your full credit card to issue a full refund" [sic] and provided an individual's name and a phone # that, per the Koch Theater website, appears to be a legitimate theater phone #. I don't plan to follow up, at least for now, but wonder if others have had a similar experience.
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