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  1. darla788

    Cutbacks at ABT announced

    As a mom of a dancer at ABT I know that if they are off for more that one week they qualify to file for unemployment benefits. Now I do not know what the rules are or what it takes to qualify but I do know that my son has so far never been denied benefits. Hope I am within the rules with this post but if not please remove
  2. darla788

    Cory Stearns promoted to soloist

    Where did this release come from? Could not find it on the ABT web site. Congrats to Cory, but I am saddened for some of the others.
  3. And FauxPas would you think that a 21 year old would be able to do this just because he has won a few competitions and had some favorable press. How could you make the determination that some of the male corp at ABT would not be able to sell 4000 seats when they have never even been cast consistently enough for anyone to form a fair opinion. The idea would be to mentor and mold your young talent to be the performer that you want them to be and to market their strengths. I can not imagine there not being at lease 1 qualified candidate sitting in the corp at ABT. I do believe that that was the whole purpose behind ABT II, to mold young dancers and to find young talent that could become star performers. With that being said as with any business when you make decisions like this you must always think about what affects it will have on your employees. Morale issues can be detrimental to a company's success. You can't perform a classical ballet with just one dancer.
  4. It saddens me to know that so many talented males are sitting in the corp waiting for years for the opportunity to be promoted and an outsider takes the position. You have no idea, or maybe you do, of the hard work and extreme dedictaiton that some of these gentlemen give with the hopes of one day being promoted. I hope that McKenzie knows what he is doing because he might just lose some wonderful dancers over this.
  5. darla788

    New Company Members

    Anyone know when they might update the web site to show new company members and promotions?
  6. darla788

    Othello May 22-24

    Anyone see the matinee performance yesterday? My son performed and I was not able to attend and would like to know how the show was.