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  1. Just my opinion, but I wouldn't sell MCB short now! MCB is considered byt the NY Times critic, Alastair Macaulay, as one of the best "Balanchine" companies - he reviews them regularly and with enthusiasm. I think they'll continue to shine without the dancers you mention. You may have read that former MCB Principal Yann Trividic has rejoined MCB after his guest lead in Villella's Neighborhood Ballroom this spring. He is amazing. Edward has also hired Reyneris Reyes. And don't be surprised when Isanusi Garcia (one of my favorite male dancers ever!) is on the roster this year too. I think Miami (and New York) audiences are in for a big treat. Who knows who else Mr. Villella has in mind! :-)
  2. Cristian, you expressed so beautifully exactly what I saw as well. Thanks for putting it in words. Agree completely. :-)
  3. reporting back...tardy. Both performances were lovely. How wonderful to see Balanchine's Nutcracker in the nation's capitol. I kept thinking about the state of the arts in this country and why is it that we don't make arts funding a priority and why is it that we don't have the national pride to create a national ballet company? Standout performances to my eye? The corps work in Snow and Flowers = thrilling dancing. Favorite soloists? Abby Mentzer's Marzipan, Meredith Reffner's Coffee, Francis Veyette's Tea, Jermel Johnson's Candy Cane and Soldier. Riolama Lorenzo was injured and I think it was Arantxa Ochoa who danced Sugar Plum Friday night - she is lovely. (sorry to add that her partner seemed a little out of it...) I think Amy Aldridge stepped into Dewdrop that night too - she is a precise technician, but musical and beautiful, too. Peter Weil as the Nephew (and Little Prince) was charming and totally believeable (Friday night). His alternate, Thomas Harrison, danced the role on Friday afternoon, and was handsome but stiff. The production is lavish - huge growing tree with a floor to ceiling bay window behind it with the snowy night behind it. I also loved the snowy forest set. Favorite costumes? The mice! and the Mouse King. Nutcracker costume was perfect. Loved the bed! :-) Yes, they do do the sliding arabesque "trick" in Sugar Plum - so magical! Sorry if I've forgotten anything - I'm sure I have. Am going to see them in Philadelphia next weekend and will report back.
  4. Congratulations to Mr. Villella and Miami City Ballet! How wonderful and visionary of the Knight Foundation to make this generous award to MCB!! :-)
  5. I'll be seeing both shows on Friday - can't wait! Would love to know your thoughts on the show you see.
  6. Bart, I was there and agree completely with your sensitive review. Would only add that I love MCB's Open Barre performances - what a rare treat. :-)
  7. saw the 7pm show - my favorite was a beautiful presentation of the first 5 minutes of Serenade!
  8. am going to see Jennifer Kronenberg dance Tchai Pas on Saturday at 2! :-)
  9. As the mother of one of the dancers Matt cast in his piece for Institute last year, I had the privilege of seeing his sensitive choreography. As well as being an amazing dancer, Matt has a voice as a choreographer. He's a sweet guy too (spoke with him afterward) and I hope he sees this as a door opening to another important career path. Best to him!
  10. But DC can look forward to Pennsylvania Ballet's The Balanchine Nutcracker at the Kennedy Center in November! :-)
  11. I had the good fortune to attend a performance of NYCB's Nutcracker in 1996 or 1997 (not sure...) with Alexandra Ansanelli as Dewdrop. She lit up the stage - so completely alive and captivating. I didn't know much about ballet then, but as just an ordinary audience member, she left me with an indelible impression of joyful artistry and delight. I wonder if any of her perfomances are available on dvds/videotape? thanks and best wishes to Alexandra!
  12. Just to share a memory, I saw Darci years ago in Mr. B's Swan Lake. I have never had the same feeling, before or since, of seeing such a radiant creature who was not quite human. Incidentally she fell at that performance and injured her elbow/arm. She has had more than her share of injuries. I know that the word beauty is overused but my memories of Darci's dancing at the time make me recall her glowing beauty. I don't mean pretty, correct, huge this or that technically (although not lacking in any department) but her beauty. That said, I believe she's stayed too long at the ball. If anyone doubts this lovely compliment, they need look no further than The Balanchine Photo Album and Memoir (published by Rizzoli, 1985) for the most radiant photo of a ballerina I have ever seen - Darci Kistler as the Swan Queen with Sean Lavery as Siegfried. transcendent!
  13. this may not be the right thread for this question, but I read that you saw ABT II on their recent visit to south Florida... would you be able to post your thoughts on these young dancers and the program they danced? I'm sorry I missed it. tia.
  14. Darci is, and has been from a very young age, a supremely gifted dancer. If you haven't had the opportunity to see her dance, Balanchine's The Nutcracker with Darci as Sugar Plum is on dvd. Although, her retiring is a sad passage for her fans, I've seen her teach and she is just as devoted and gifted a teacher. Her students are so lucky!! vaya con dios, Darci.
  15. yes, same one. hope you are doing great. best wishes from both of us. hi Christina, Elizabeth and I were there that night and remember it so well. You are beautiful and an amazing teacher as well. She's at SAB now. She'll be happy to know you are here online. "Mira" ?? I'm wondering if your daughter Elizabeth is the student I worked with privately a few years ago in W. Palm? Please let me know either way... I'm so pleased to hear you were at my retirement performance. I'm glad you got a chance to see my grand finale.
  16. hi Christina, Elizabeth and I were there that night and remember it so well. You are beautiful and an amazing teacher as well. She's at SAB now. She'll be happy to know you are here online.
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