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  1. My DD and I will be attending both the semi-finals and the finals. 2 dancers from our studio will be dancing. I can't wait to see all those lovely young dancers. Binklemom
  2. I don't see any dates on the insert from my program. But it does say the Fall season starts on July 26. Maybe try www.digiscreen.ca.
  3. Out here in the hinterland of culture, last year's premiere of The Fiddle and the Drum was rapturously received. For the very LARGE majority of the audience here in Cowtown at the performance I attended, this was their first experience with live dance. My DD and I have season's tickets to Alberta Ballet, on floor, up close to the stage. We are surrounded by a sea of people who probably voted for Pearson. Evening gowns and even mink stoles are often sighted. I wear something comfortable (even jeans! GASP) but I have to be able to sit in those ridiculous seats without having body parts go numb. Usually I feel out of place but imagine my surprise when a totally different audience turned up for "Drum". The audience diversity was truly staggering! Bravo to Alberta Ballet for roping in (pun intended) a whole new audience to watch live dance. I have a limited exposure to ballet, mainly through DD, but I really liked "Drum" I thought some parts needed to be tinkered with, but don't most ballets get that treatment? At the performance I attended the standing ovation must have been 5 minutes long. I get that this was not the Kirov and Swan Lake but for Calgary it was a milestone. As Paquita said, it was something different. Hopefully that new audience will be buying tickets for next season and Alberta Ballet will play to packed houses for years to come.
  4. Just came back from The Sleeping Beauty, really enjoyed it and can't wait until next year's program. Opus Arte has cut back from 2 studios to 1 in my city but thankfully they're still committed for next year.
  5. Mr. Stefanschi now teaches at the National Ballet School of Canada. They have a small bio for him on their website.
  6. Great first post jrhewit. I like your explanation of the role of Effie in La Sylphide so much that I'm going to hunt down the Dvd and watch it. Thanks, Binklemom.
  7. Just so poor Cinderella doesn't end up with the booby prize after all her hard work.
  8. Saturday night's peformance was sold out. Both Serenade and Fiddle and the Drum were very warmly applauded, sounded like a hockey game with all the cheering and hooting going on. As to wether non-ballet goers would be encouraged to come out again to see Alberta Ballet, I would say, probably. People who came to see Joni Mitchell could not help being impressed by the energy and passion they saw on the stage Saturday night. Will they come and see the next production, Cinderella, I'd say no. Those performance will probably be filled with little girls and their mothers, but if they cast Jonathon Renna as a sexy prince that could pull in a whole different audience. People new to ballet might come to watch the next time there's contemporary ballet on the bill. Michele Stanners is doing a wonderful job marketing Alberta Ballet here in Calgary. I see more and more jeans in the audience on younger audience members. Going to the ballet is increasingly seen as a "hot" activity. I am very encouraged for the future of dance in this city, not just ballet. The future of all companies depends on getting bums in the seats, preferably with season tickets in their pockets!
  9. We saw the ballet last night and really enjoyed it. Serenade was very well executed but I agree with Tao on the choice of Reid Bartelme. The women outdanced him last night, he seemed kind of lost on stage faced with all that female power flowing around him. I enjoyed Laetitia Clement last night, she had sustained energy throughout every move . The Fiddle and the Drum really captured my kid's attention (aged 17, 15, 11). They were not familiar with her music but some of the songs had them dancing in their seats. They said they'd like to see it again. We had to switch our tickets from Friday night to Saturday night and ended up sitting on the floor RC. Usually we're in the first balcony and sitting on the floor certainly gives you a different view. To make it more special for me anyway we sat right behind Veronica Tennant.
  10. I know one of the girls from Canada, from Calgary, Alberta. She danced at my daughter's studio up to Christmas and now is training in Boston. Binklemom.
  11. I was wondering if any board members know any recent news about the competition in Hong Kong. All I can find on the official site is a press release announcing it. Binklemom
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