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  1. No reason to. It is a gigue that opens as a 3-voice fugue, and in its original piano version, one of the trickiest pieces Mozart ever wrote. Betcha Mutt and Jeff didn't know that.
  2. I never found Peter Martins handsome, and Carlos Acosta is (I'm afraid) not very attractive, at least to my eyes. Very good-looking from ABT's current roster is Grant DeLong. Casting him as Paris alongside Hallberg and Paloma was a mistake, as I couldn't understand why she'd turn down Grant for David. I also like Craig Salstein for his unaffected American good looks. (My post made it here, but the server had an apparent glitch - probably it was mad at me for speaking ill of Carlos and Peter - and it didn't update the index or list of Last Posts.)
  3. This was the same performance I got to! I can't add much except to say the whole afternoon was just thrilling. I was kind of hoping they'd do an encore for Revelations, but that wasn't to be. Maybe our audience wasn't enthusiastic enough? I thought we were cheering pretty well.
  4. Thanks to you both. Revelations sounds imperative, and I think I'll go at least on 12/5 and possibly one other.
  5. Is it ok to revive this thread? I have yet to see the Ailey company live and they're coming to City Center this next month. If I wanted to see just one or two programs, which would you experts recommend? Thanks.
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