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  1. Just got email, the season will be announced on Sunday. Can't wait to see what we get for our truncated 7 shows.
  2. Do you have access to the saratoga schedule? Its traditionally out by feb 1 or earlier. Nothing yet.
  3. So this almost year old post is very interesting in light of recent events. Peter Martins has told the story numerous times from the SPAC stage: NYCB was in Saratoga and Mr. B invited Peter to breakfast at Sperry's. The restaurant is still there, has changed hands several times, and only serves dinner now. I don't remember a time when breakfast was served there. The upshot of the meeting was, according to peter, the nomination as Mr. B's successor. Greg Lawrence's take on Balanchine is well known. What is the truth here? Opinions?
  4. I agree peg. I had plans to go to D.C. next weekend but have changed my plans and will go to Purchase instead. I just learned about this by accident a week ago and luckily was able to cancel hotel and Amtrak. So much closer and easier. There is also a talkback after the performance. I wish this had been advertised more widely. Hope to see some of you there! (Or actually advertised at all. I stumbled on it while looking for tickets for Ken Cen.
  5. Do they still have it? If so, is it only for sold out perfs? And if so, is it number limited?
  6. And I hope in the very near future, if not now, the actor/dancer/singer's sexuality will be a non issue completely and the focus will be on the quality of the work alone.
  7. Yes absolutely. This is a work of genius. It's a master class in how to program a ballet performance. Certain Contemporary ADs unmentioned now have no idea how to structure a program. Tasteful appetizer, hearty main course, delicious dessert. There it is. An entire ballet based on a simple walking step. Thank you canbelto for the suggestion for the matinee. Unfortunately I have a prior commitment or I wouldn't miss this chance. My daughter is going for SR and has promised a full report.
  8. When this festival was announced I had the impression that we would see the three companies in the sections that highlight the unique features of their style. Even though many companies do all three movements (and well!) there's no doubt in my mind that Mr. B was aiming to display three diverse styles that were integral to his own development and the concept of three companies doing their "own" movement was intriguing. Bought tickets for Friday night before casting and program were announced. I've gone back to early press releases and verified that the flip on rubies and diamonds was always part of the plan. I missed the memo on that, otherwise I would have chosen a different performance. So disappointed to miss the Bolshoi take on diamonds. Mearns, Angle et al were superb, but I wanted that chance to see the Russian movement done by the Russian company. As as I said above, rubies was just dreadful. Dorothee Gilbert's first solo was breathtaking. A highlight.
  9. I will run far away from any additional opportunity to see the Bolshoi attempt Rubies. I can't think of a single positive comment.
  10. Extra ticket seeking a new owner. Fourth ring, row D, seat 14. Seated next to me. It's a Society NYCB ticket. (Formerly fourth ring Society). $26!!!!!! PM me.
  11. Brilliant! In the open air at Vail. Now, how to make it happen?
  12. Do you mean a new work? I didn't even think of that. My fantasy would be to have him guest with nycb. Not bloody likely I know.....but I can dream, can't I? (Thank you Company B).
  13. I hope and expect that some more information is coming very soon. It's nice to hear about all the new projects but what Balanchine will we be seeing?
  14. Oh yes, I see her there too, and in the neighborhood too.
  15. I never walk into the state theater or opera house (even for opera), without thinking of Carley. Missing her so much.
  16. Well, Ballo was made on Merrill Ashley, certainly not a short dancer.
  17. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll probably spring for the full view seat.
  18. Does anyone know if standing room is still offered? I'd love to see Ashley Bouder in what I'm guessing might be her last performances before her maternity leave. But I'd rather not spend $75 in the 4th ring which is all that's available.
  19. Ruthie Ann Miles was truly "something wonderful" as Lady Tiang and well deserving of her best supporting actress Tony. And yet I found Sydney Lucas' s performance so engaging that I could make a strong case for her too. Yes, that good, from an adolescent. I did see Ken Watanabe, and found him to be the weak link in an otherwise outstanding cast. I wish I had the chance to see Jose Llana.
  20. Natalia, great choices for NYC theater! I've seen both and agree that they were magnificent. But I urge you to see Fun Home too, and to do so while Sydney Lucas (sister of jake, who was Louis in King and I) is performing. Her performance as Young Allison is astonishing and the whole show is an unforgettable theater experience.
  21. Yes Katherine, knowing you're Canadian and have probably seen both companies in the Wheeldon, I was asking for a recommendation. I live in Saratoga springs (we missed your group this year!). Toronto is doable but even colder than here. Of course DC in January isn't summery either.
  22. Other option would be national ballet of Canada at Kennedy center for the wheeldon. Katherine? Rethinking panto. I always want to see the local entertainment but with only a few days in London might stick to traditional theater.
  23. Thank you so much! The main purpose for London at this time is to see Kenneth Branaghs new theater company in The Winters Tale (with Judi Dench!) and Harlequinade. So we will fit in a Nut when we can and I know we'll love whatever we see. But I'm thinking about a return to London in May to see Branaghs company in Romeo and juliet (with lily James) at which time we'll have to also see wheeldons The Winters Tale at the RB. My head is spinning in the best possible way!
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