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  1. She did it in saratoga with Sebastian VV. Spectacular. Go!
  2. Yes hopefully. I’m not feeling too trusting. There are allegations against a donor, a board member and a principal dancer who allegedly committed rape. These need to be addressed as well, at least for me to regain my confidence in NYCB.
  3. Yes well said. But here’s my conundrum: there are others who were implicated but not named in the complaint. We have no idea who they are and we will likely be watching them onstage. Over decades of watching this company especially in the relaxed informal summer atmosphere in Saratoga, I’ve been so lucky to get to know many dancers. It pains me to even think about insulting them by my absence and denying myself the pleasure of watching them. And yet, I believe much more lurks underneath here.
  4. The statement from New York City Ballet doesn’t go NEARLY far enough. No mention that a donor or a board member have been implicated. (Are these the same person?) Count me among the loyal fans who’ve posted here and who are conflicted about the coming season. Yesterday when casting for week one was announced I was prepared to make my choices. As I always do I checked this board to see what comments might have been made re casting and encountered this. At the very least, not a penny of donation money from me until I see movement towards full disclosure. Is it appropriate for a statement to be issued to ticket purchasers, fans, donors and subscribers (most of us here fall into at least one if not all those categories) expressing regret and hope that we will continue to support with our attendance? Or is that an admission of something?
  5. The great Paul Taylor has passed away at age 88. I’m sorry, I can’t figure out how to link to the NYT article or the press release from the company.
  6. I’m only surmising this: he just started a very high profile position at Juilliard. Awkward at the least?
  7. I would hope he could be. But his wife was (one of?) the first person to speak out against Martins. Regardless of anyone’s personal feelings, it could be very divisive at a time when unity is desperately needed, don’t you think? I’m a fan. I grieved when Peter Boal retired. There was a lot more dancing he could do. But he seized a tremendous opportunity. Daniel Ulbricht put together a phenomenal program this week at the Pillow. It was the best possible Robbins tribute. (Far better than the paltry lip service from spac ). I believe he could do this job. But he seems to have much more dancing left. This opportunity is too early.
  8. Much unfortunate timing here. Tomasson, Villela, Farrell, McBride—too late. Woetzel—too late for a different reason. Ulbricht—too early. Boal—I wish it were possible. Lopez—practically perfect in every way.
  9. Peter Boal would be a dream candidate. But it was his wife who was one of the early voices that toppled Martins. Lourdes Lopez is the one imo.
  10. Wish I had known this and I would have asked my daughter to get to BO sooner. Notice on the website maybe? Prominently? I was checking often.
  11. And as an example of an excellent policy that rewards frequent ticket purchasers: I’m an original member of NYCB Fourth Ring Society, now know as Society NYCB. This goes back decades. My tickets can be purchased by phone or at the box office, with no service fees ever. There is a $3 facility fee for every ticket purchased, box office, online, phone. In my memory that’s relatively new, maybe 5 years?, but I just add it to the price if the ticket and it’s fair, across the board. I pay $25 annually to keep my my membership. It started at $20 all those years ago. I consider it a supplemental donation to NYCB and pay it gladly. It’s like season tickets at Yankee Stadium or my very inexpensive glimmerglass subscription. I won’t give it up. Ticket prices have risen a lot over the years. $12,$15,$17, $23, $28, $31. Maybe an increase this season, I still think it’s a marvelous deal. Quite a few years ago, the PTB tried to eliminate our society. What a hue and cry! Our dear Carley Broder, R.I.P., published a letter in the New York Times! It was restored, but only to current members. It us capacity controlled. I had a problem once, trying to see a Mearns Swan Lake. And you sit where they put you. No other down side.
  12. So this is interesting. I finally had a few minutes to call city center when our schedules lined up. They don’t open the offices until 10am. I left a VM for the Vice President of marketing and certainly hope she’ll return my call. However the person I talked with (didn’t get her name) told me she’s worked there for eight years and the box office closes every August. (This is July 29-September 4, but I guess close enough). I’ve been buying tickets at CC for decades and have never heard about or experienced this. Anyone?
  13. I’d love to meet you. I’ve lived in Saratoga for 40 years and worked at SPAC as an usher and usher captain for 30 of them. Now I just buy tickets and enjoy. And we do all those things you mentioned (glimmerglass, WTF, Pillow). In fact we’re heading out now for a concert of chamber music society of Lincoln center. We have that too. if we could only be assured of the future for NYCB.
  14. Did anyone else get the email that city center will reduce service fees if you subscribe to Encores? And this doesn’t even go on sale until mid September, when the box office is reopened.
  15. We all make our choices depending on what works best for us, what’s practical or manageable. My problem with the current city center situation is that there’s no choice to make short of deciding not to go or taking a chance that you won’t get tickets at all by waiting until September 4 for box office sales. For you the service fees are a happy trade off for convenience. For me, they are a necessary evil that I will pay if I can’t get to a box office or have someone else go to the box office for me. I maintain that service fees (or at least some percentage thereof) should be waived in this situation since the box office option isn’t there. I live about an hour and a half from Jacobs Pillow. I just bought a ticket online for Limon on Saturday. The service fee was a very reasonable $3. I live about a mile and a half from Saratoga Performing Arts Center. Two tickets for an event on Thursday night cost $40.The service fees would add $16. You can bet I’m going to the box office tomorrow.
  16. Points taken Birdsall, but isn’t the best way to get the exact seating you want by buying directly at the box office window?the seat map is right in front of you and you’re interacting with a live person. I am averse to paying service fees and will always buy at the box office, at least in New York, whenever possible. As an example, the Public Theater is often out of my way but their fees are very low, for broadway and Lincoln Center, box office always. I don’t live in the city but my daughter does, and a group of my theater, ballet, opera pals often pick up tickets for each other. Someone is always going in for something so we help each other out. I didn’t find purchasing these tickets on the city center website easy, convenient or pleasant. There is no option for seat view by the way. And yes, the fee charge is exhorbitant.
  17. When there are no service fees at the box office, but it’s impossible to purchase at the box office......not customer friendly. When are you seeing this, Karen?
  18. Thank you Drew. 😉 After a few more attempts, I was able to log in successfully and get two sets of tickets. The service fees alone total another ticket. I will make a call to the administrative office next week just to express my displeasure. It won’t change anything but at least I’ll make a point.
  19. Apologies in advance for the rant, this is also an FYI. If you haven’t yet purchased your tickets, you have two options: citytix by phone or online. The box office is closed until September 3. You will be paying $9.75 per ticket for service fees. I take responsibility for the fact that I didn’t jump on tickets as soon as they became available on July 9. My daughter was going to pick them up for us at the box office and she delayed—she’s in the process of moving, busy time at work.... The box office closed on July 29 and will remain so until September 4. No other way to purchase tickets in person. I tried last night to purchase tickets on line, couldn’t navigate the website, called citytix at 8:02 pm to find they closed at 8. Today I called citytix and had a conversation with the agent, confirmed they are not waiving service fees in lieu of a closed box office, couldn’t get across to her what dates I wanted, she kept telling me availability on dates when I cannot go, wouldn’t give specific seat information, finally I just gave up and just spent a frustrating hour trying again to navigate the website, chose three tickets on October 31 and November 1 (the only dates when I can go), tried to log in, forgot my password, had to reset it, my cart of carefully chosen tickets (the best available at a reasonable, at least for my budget, price) disappeared and has not reappeared on the seating map. This is infuriating. I have been checking the website regularly. Nowhere did I see a notice that the box office was closing. It is certainly not this weekend ticket agent’s fault that she now has to take phone calls from irritated customers over policies that are not her doing, but she wasn’t very courteous or forthcoming with information. I tried to convey to her that I wasn’t holding her personally responsible. I finally gave up because we just weren’t communicating. i think it’s poor customer service to charge service fees when there is no other way to purchase tickets. However, even at inflated prices, tickets are scarce and I’m going to have to suck it up and get these tickets by phone or online, or take the chance on waiting until September, running the risk of a sell out. The balcony hasn’t been opened yet, but even if they do sell tickets there It’s not a good place to sit for ballet. like other posters who attend NYCB regularly, I’d prefer to see all the guest companies. However, these are the dates I can attend, and so I will. I’m not throwing away my shot. Just aggravated and annoyed with myself.
  20. I’m glad to have anything but greatly disappointed with the SPAC administration who seem to have it in for NYCB no matter who is sitting in the offices. The Philadelphia Orchestra also loses money every year but their season remains at 3 weeks. Not that I want to see either of our resident companies slashed, but why has NYCB been cut to 3 weeks in 1979, eliminated and then restored in 2005, cut to two weeks in 2009, cut further in 2013, restored to 2 weeks in 2015, and now this for the second consecutive year . Now let’s hope that someone at SPAC has the knowledge to negotiate for better programming: more Balanchine, more Robbins and different rep for each matinee.
  21. It’s mobbed here tonight. Lots of little girls with their dolls (a longstanding SPAC promotion), a noisy packed lawn and for my last minute (my bad, I forgot to come earlier today) ticket purchase a seat 3rows from the back of the balcony. Most of us diehard every nighters purchase the season lawn pass which allows us 5 upgrades to inside seating day of performance. Tonight is the tightest night for tickets I’ve noticed in many years. The week has been phenomenal, in spite of the dearth of Balanchine (one program repeated on the first two nights) and especially almost entire lack of Robbins (only on the gala tomorrow night, other dances and four seasons). We are bereft here. Rumors and predictions going forward are flying every day, but no speak from SPAC or NYCB. I can hardly stand that this glory ends tomorrow. Please, anyone who cares about preservation of the arts in these dark times, please call, email, write to SPAC in support of the continuation of this unique relationship. PM me if you’d like. I’ll explain further.
  22. while it is disappointing to not see Maria once, Tess was ravishing. I especially love the way she takes her time, luxuriating in every movement and showing every position with clarity. Just beautiful. You’re all correct! Tuesday Indiana. Wednesday Baily. Both with Sebastian and all brilliantly done. Debuts!
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