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  1. Wow, it seems like yesterday that I first saw her (some 15 years ago). Muriel has always been a dependable dancer—oftentimes single-handedly 'saving' what may have been otherwise forgettable evenings at SFB... But I digress... I've always enjoyed seeing her and have always been in awe of all she could do with that very tall body. Most recently I saw as Mirtha, and she was beautiful and icy—the star of the ballet, IMHO. I'll be sure to try to see her at least one more time.
  2. Thank you, nysusan for your excellent review... I really wish I got a chance to see Daria in a role as demanding as O/O. Even in Ondina (where I last saw her) the qualities you describe below were in evidence: I'll have to take your word on this one, as I've never been a great fan of this happy ending
  3. Hi, I'll be in London and have tickets for this performance. If anyone else is going, I'd love to meet up. Just e-mail me, as that's easier than PM when on the move Thanks.
  4. Thank you for your comments, nysusan. Glad you liked Lopatkina. Your description captures the way I felt an unforgettable evening in Petersburg.I look forward to reading your impressions of the other dancers you may see this weekend.
  5. Thank you, art076 and leonid for your informative responses. I haven't had the fortune of seeing any of the RB's Swan Lake's productions; and won't get a chance next week while in London either (though I expect to catch Sleeping Beauty)
  6. ...hmm, I think bart and I were saying we look forward to jabot's promised reviews ;-)
  7. Thanks. I haven't seen that production. :confused: That re-ordering of the original partiture is what the Mariinsky dances as well... are you suggesting that a Drigo piece was inserted in there?
  8. Welcome to Ballet Talk Look forward to reading them; particularly as you had the fortune of seeing all six performances
  9. ...the Ottawa Sun sounds worse than the San Francisco Chomical :rolleyes:
  10. Wow... I never thought of him as the most impressive of the house conductors at the Mariinsky, but did not realize the extent of chronic problems with Swan Lake. I got to hear quite a bit of him during this year's White Nights–in both Opera and Ballet, and he generally was 'on'
  11. Perhaps the partnership has not yet really developed... at the O.C.'s performance of Romeo & Juliet, there wasn't much chemistry between them either. OTOH, he and Obraztsova were reported to have plenty good chemistry (I saw those two in Ondine in Petersburg last spring and they seemed made for each other).
  12. Interesting observation! I'd like to have seen that Odile......and you're not the only one not seeing much chemistry between Vishneva and Fadeev (I take it that's who you mean by 'Andeev' ).
  13. Thank you, Paquita for the detailed review. I'm glad you enjoyed the performance. I think you may be talking about one of the 'Drigo' pieces... whose story goes a bit like this:For the 1895 Petipa setting, a fair amount of the original partiture was re-ordered, some music was cut, and some was added. Tchaikovsky was already dead, so the music that was added, while composed by Tchaikovsky, was orchestrated by Riccardo Drigo (an in-house composer at the Mariinksy Theatre at the time). The music came from a set of 18 Piano Pieces published as op. 72. The following three pieces were added: N
  14. I was also wondering why he got scratched from Sunday's performance
  15. Welcome to BT, Peter Thank you for your post.
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