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  1. It has been some years since I saw Polina (at ABT in Swan Lake) but she is too cool for me. Lovely limbs and positions but no emotion. Of course that is something that can improve over time.
  2. No company allows filming of performances by audience members, although I guess in Russia it is tacitly allowed.
  3. I don't agree with the premise that he had anything to protest in regards to his treatment. I love Gomes. But if an incident was made known to the company he worked for, it would have been negligent not to investigate. He was clearly a huge favorite of audiences and of dancers/staff alike. I'm pretty sure they too would have rather this never happened.
  4. She did one of the three shades earlier this season. So she's actually had a couple of opportunities this season (and done well both times I saw her)!
  5. Williams did on tues, I'd say Glad to hear the review! I was sorry to have not seen Forster as Espada.
  6. I don't think all soloists are on a principal trajectory. Certainly neither Paris nor Zhurbin is. Nor is Scott or Hoven, I don't think. Neither was Salstein. Some of the others may have lost momentum but there was generally a possibility for them. As they are older they won't be filling that rank for terribly long. I'm all for rewarding dancers doing soloist parts with soloist rank, if it is possible.
  7. According to wikipedia Paloma Herrera joined in 91, was promoted to soloist in 93 and principal in 95. Not sure that is the fastest but it is the fastest I remember
  8. Cynthia Harvey. I love her dream variation--they don't do the penchees in the current production
  9. It wasn't actually! As Devon Teuscher didn't do the weds. matinee, they announced Mercedes/Queen of the Dryads would be split between Stella and Cassie. In the matinee she was good, although the last italian fouette seemed a bit wonky--almost as if she thought she had reached the end and realized she had one more to go (it wasn't a bad mistake just looked a bit effortful). The matinee, by the way, was amazing!! To anyone concerned Gillian's technique is declining, or that she is plagued by injuries now (after the concerning spell of a year or so ago)--she was magnificent. I thought Shevchenko's fouettes on Tues were nearly untoppable, well Murphy's did. Multiples where she alternated the fan above head with fanning her chest, then some singles which by the end of, she started calmly fanning herself again. All on the music. The rest of the performance was great as well! She's doing it again Saturday night....
  10. The outpouring of love from his ABT colleagues is quite touching! I wish him a speedy recovery!
  11. I don't think it is fair to say that re: Jared. I do agree he would have done well as a principal and was sorry to see him leave. But he had stalled for some years and really not delivered in his roles. He then got back in form but with both him and his fiancee (who I also loved) wanting principal status moving back to his home town where they could both have that is kind of a no brainer. I really AM VERY sorry they left but I don't see that it was due to any fault by McKenzie
  12. Oh I'm so jealous! I actually timed a trip to Italy in 2016 based on when they were doing it, but only had a chance to go once.
  13. I'm with you. I really want to see this again, and not jetlagged this time!
  14. I believe you misunderstood. I did indeed think it odd that "japanese spy" in particular would be the accusation made if someone didn't alter the end of a ballet (you note I didn't ask why "enemy of the people." But I know the change was made because it was forced on Messerer and Dolinskaia by the soviet party. I never claimed M&D wanted a happy ending--the government did.
  15. She looked very solid last night (It sounds at least like yesterday was, overall, a more successful performance) She did travel but yesterday it was forward in a straight line, which I have no problem with. There was never any concern she would lose her grip on them (and I do tend towards nervous having seen plenty of dancers mess up the fouettes over the years!). Maybe opening night jitters got the best of her Monday!
  16. No need to worry with Shevchenko or Teuscher
  17. I know a lot of people don't like Whiteside very much on here, but there is no way that is anything but a VAST improvement!
  18. Why would the original ending suggest Japanese spies? In any case this meant they went with a "happier" ending. I'm not saying it was Messerer and Dolinskaïa's personal preference.
  19. You said yesterday: "The 'happy ending' was introduced by Asaf Messerer and Evgeniya Dolinskaïa in their 1937 production of Swan lake at Bolchoï. If you know what has been happening in Soviet Union in 1937, you should not be surprised that this was then the only possible ending. Sergeev simply inserted that ending into his Kirov production, most likely he was forced to do that. We know that Grigorovich's version of 1969 had the tragic ending, but he was forced by the party authorities to revert to what was euphemistically called the "optimistic" ending." But it wasn't because they wanted a more "optimistic" ending?
  20. I do (as clearly do a lot of other people). It loses all poignancy with a slapped on happy ending. The original ending HAS good triumphing over evil. It was modified because people wanted a "happier" ending. This is the same reason Prokofiev wanted to tack one on R&J. That is the parallel I was making--obviously the libretti are quite different and from different types of sources.
  21. It was also packed last week for R&J weds matinee.
  22. But good triumphs over evil in the original text. That is the point. Their deaths free them and free the remaining swans. I agree with Drew. The "happy" ending is a jarring dissonant note to the entire story. Does it ruin a good performance for me? No, but it leaves a very sour note at the end. I mean you might as well have gone along with Prokofiev's idiotic idea of making Romeo & Juliet live happily ever after.
  23. aurora

    Sarah Lane

    Sounds feasible to me. Especially when considered in combination with the current lack of soloists (2, effectively) --who would normally expect to do many (if not all) of these roles.
  24. She performed one of the 3 shades on June 1st (I believe). There was discussion on here about how it was so beneath her to do a (barely) soloist role but she ended up falling off point in the rapid series of releves across the stage in arabesque and it was not a good showing.
  25. Kristen was talking about her turn at the first shade, which was not good.
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