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  1. Certainly, but it is not documented with regards to Johnsey.
  2. The unnamed friend who partners pierette
  3. Angelica--I'm not meaning to imply your eyesight is poorer than most, but rather to let you know (as you said you hadn't seen it yet) that the mime in this ballet is quite broadly performed (whereas not all dancers really broadcast the mime in Odette's meeting Seigfried in Swan Lake for example), perhaps because this is, at its heart, a rather slapstick comedy. I can imagine it would be easier to see from closer, but the first cast made it quite legible even at some distance.
  4. On Monday it read perfectly clearly from dress circle. Not everyone understands all the mime certainly (not saying that of people here) and perhaps that is a problem for some viewers. When they do a ballet like this, which is mime heavy, another promo video they might want to consider is a primer on ballet mime.
  5. I also love Fille Mal Gardee Different tastes! That is fine. I was just really responding to the idea (not expressed by you) that the ballet was unsuccessful when clearly it is a matter of opinion as many of us didn't seem to find it so.
  6. See I thought it was so successful that I ran out and bought additional tickets. I thought it was a perfect endearing gem of a ballet. I can see why people wanting large scale wizzbang dancing might have been disappointed but that doesn't mean the program was unsuccessful. It means it wasn't successful for you. And the kids Monday were perfect.
  7. I thought it was fantastic. And I generally get bored as hell at kids dancing in the ballet. So your mileage may vary.
  8. Having a sillier plot than Corsaire takes some doing! (I think your explanation makes a lot of sense, that just struck me)
  9. At least ours don't have Solor bearing his!! 😂 I really really really think that is a horrific look I agree they should have reviews, but I'm not surprised. Last year was really bad re: reviews as well. So much so I tweeted at him about it. And he promptly blocked me.
  10. Romeo is no walk in the park and he's still doing that....
  11. I feel similarly. I like her and am interested in seeing her. But she hasn't utterly wowed me yet. I thought her first attempt at Nikiya was good but on the cautious/reserved side. While she was a bit stiffer (back especially) than usual she still didn't have that brittle quality Wiles did. Wiles I believe only ever danced Gamzatti.
  12. Agreed. It is a problem with the packed met season certainly. I would say I really didn't think the corps looked bad tonight. There were bobbles certainly in that side developee after they are all in formation, but I don't think I've ever seen that NOT have bobbles. No one looked like they were going to lose it tonight.
  13. Why do we think this 3 shades cast was a last minute switch? They were listed in the program. She did 4? 5? releves and then stopped walked and eventually did a few more before the end of the sequence. Honestly if I saw a dancer in the corps do that I'd think they'd be lucky to ever get another shot at a solo.
  14. Interestingly Lane had the worst go of the first shade variation I've ever seen.
  15. The Shades trio I saw weds was not a mess nor did other reports indicate they were. I'm not sure how this in any way fixes the Shades issue. Both Cornejo and Simkin regularly (at least in the past, and long after being made principal) do soloist parts. As does Cirio.
  16. The apprentice Zimmi Coker was in the front this afternoon and was very very good...
  17. I assume the comparison is not based on her suicide but on her being forced to decide which of her children to save (her "choice").
  18. Or... it looked like whipped cream (which was the point)
  19. I've seen recordings. I've seen, however, the Joffrey version when they started doing it, and it was profound and horrifying (I love it).
  20. If one found the image of a terrified young woman, trapped in the middle of a circle, about to be killed "obscured" the dancers weren't doing it right.
  21. I'd think the original Rite of Spring might count as a warning beforehand... Would someone expect rainbows and ponies with that music?
  22. Let's not forget the subject of Rite of Spring...why would anyone expect a ballet related to it would be appropriate for children? Is that the standard for ballets now? PG?
  23. I for one didn't find it trivializing so ymmv
  24. I enjoyed your review very much and totally agree with your sentiment here. It is worth noting, however, that Abrera was cast as Giselle 10 years ago in 2008 and then suffered a terrible injury which scuppered that opportunity, kept her from dancing for almost 2 years, and clearly put her out of the promotion track for years.
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