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  1. 1 hour ago, abatt said:

    If I'm reading the press release correctly, they are planning on using the sets (and costume?)s from a 1987 production of Giselle  used in the film Dancers.  That is different from the version they regularly use  at the MET.  I presume this is because the sets they use at the MET don't fit on the stage of the Koch.

    I've been doing a little reading up on the 1987 production and sets, and the press I have found seemed to be very negative about this production.  Anyone recall the 1987 production?

    Since there are six Giselle shows, I presume there will be three casts - Hee Seo, Boylston for sure.


    I'd assume Skylar Brandt will dance it. And I agree those you mentioned are definites.

    I'm not sure, however, that they would only have 3 casts.

    When they did Giselle in DC in Feb 2020 there were 7 performances and 7 different Giselles scheduled:

    Hee Seo, Boylston, Abrerra, Brandt, Lane, Murphy and Copeland (who had to cancel and was replaced by Brandt) were all scheduled.

  2. On 4/21/2021 at 5:24 AM, Balletwannabe said:

    I'm glad they're accepting a negative test and not just vaccine proof.  Especially considering it's outside... socially distance...with masks, honestly that's overkill, there's no risk if you're not near anyone outside.  But I know this will make people feel better (I'm not one of those people, ha!  But I understand not everyone thinks like I do).

    My friends thought that too.

    They got Covid from mingling with people unmasked outside. The new variants (prevalent in NY now) are much more contagious.

  3. 8 hours ago, dirac said:

    I am willing to believe that the Royal cut its ties with Scarlett for good reason - he couldn't be charged with anything, but his conduct still didn't meet the standards of the organization, I presume. What Ratmansky, I think, was saying that he should not have been blackballed - and that, for all intents and purposes, was what happened - he was not only dismissed from the Royal, a pretty big consequence and very possibly deserved, but he and his works were dropped everywhere, even places where he had no history of misconduct, as I understand it. It's reasonable to ask if it had to happen this way.

    As you wrote, there's a lot we don't know. 


    that doesn't seem to be what happened with the Royal Danish Ballet, however. Which seems to have been the final straw for him.

    They had his work on their schedule until this last week, and it was their investigation into his behavior as a guest with them in 2018-19 (I believe) that led to the decision to cancel his piece.


  4. 9 minutes ago, Victura said:

    For what it’s worth, the “Dancer” shows up as the category of the page, which appears if the profile is a business account, similar to the way a business might be able to designate themselves as a restaurant or cafe. It’s not part of one’s written bio. The category appears on the app but it may not necessarily appear if you’re looking at Instagram from a browser.

    Up until a day or two, however, it was in her written bio.

  5. 3 minutes ago, abatt said:

    In contrast, when Chase Finlay goes on a date and acts like a pig, that activity is  part of his private life, and it is not part of the scope and course of his employment at NYCB.   He is not acting on behalf of NYCB in his  personal relationships. 

    Photographing your gf having sex without her knowledge and disseminating that footage is a bit more than "going on a date and acting like a pig."

  6. On 4/17/2020 at 3:28 PM, Buddy said:

    Added: This could very well be where George Balanchine got his ending (without the erotic aspect). "Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss" by  Antonio Canova. This first version is in the Louvre, Paris and a second version is in the Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia. Also there's a copy in the Metropolitan in New York. George Balanchine could have seen any of these.


    The version at the Met is actually not a copy. It is a preliminary full scale plaster model marked up with a grid for transfer to the final work in marble.

  7. 3 minutes ago, vipa said:

    She could be deciding what to do next so she can make an announcement with a positive spin.

    Agreed. I just thought that she'd want to do so fairly speedily. It's been over a week.

    I'm sure you are right though--it is the only reasonable explanation.

  8. Just now, pherank said:

    Well it's not over until it's over. She may reappear elsewhere, and this is a good time for big changes.

    It seems so strange that she hasn't addressed it at all on her social media by now. She's been posting, but not on this, and her info still has her as a principal at ABT.


    I understand wanting to process things in ones own time, so I don't meant this as a criticism, she owes us nothing.

    I just think it is somewhat surprising she wouldn't want to get something out there.

  9. 1 minute ago, Inge said:

    Speaking of, I could really go for an interesting new Don Q production at ABT if they insist on bringing it back all the time. 

    What would make for an interesting new Don Q? (Not being sarcastic, I'm curious!)

    I really enjoy the current one, I have to say, but I'd be thrilled to pieces if they got rid of those horrible 1980s heavy metal/hair band gypsy costumes. They are the WORST!!!!!

  10. 52 minutes ago, stuben said:

    Agree with most comments here about the promotions and time will tell. I do agree with a comment upthread about promoting dancers who haven't proven themselves in multiple principal roles, other than Forster who is one of my favorites with both his emotional presence and his technique.

    As much as all the others have the technique and what I call tricks, I just don't feel they carry the emotional part as some of the great past primas IMHO Marcelo, Roberto, David, Julie, Xiomara and of course Sarah. I too am happy they finally promoted Gabe and glad his outspoken social media has helped him, but I do wonder if he will be another Craig Salstein (another loss) sitting in soloist rank till the end of time 😏

    I think "time will tell" is often the case with promotions. There were dancers in the past promoted to principal who sadly never fully fulfilled their seeming potential (in my opinion, Michelle Wiles was a dancer who notably stagnated).

    But I think it is worth remembering that when promoted, not all of those greats you mentioned had the emotional range and weight they eventually developed either. This is certainly the case with David (and not meant at ALL as a knock on him, he's one of my absolute favorites), but he grew and matured as a principal, as indeed have many others. I am optimistic that these dancers will all, likewise, grow into their new roles


  11. 8 hours ago, canbelto said:

    Ok people are being unfair here. Skylar, Cassandra, Calvin, Thomas Forster, Ahn, and Aran are excellent artists. 

    Indeed they are! I'm so happy for all them!

    Skylar and Cassie, in particular have been favorites of mine for years and it is great to see such hard work rewarded.

    But I'm thrilled for all of them. It is such a wonderful surprise given the lack of a season this year.

    I'd also add Gabe Stone Shayer, who I'd hoped would be promoted several seasons ago, but then was sidelined by injury (which I saw happen on stage). He's been waiting for this for quite some time.


    Bravi to all of them!

  12. 5 hours ago, California said:

    Kennedy Center has just announced a spring 2021 dance/ballet season, including NYCB and ABT. I hope they can make this happen!

    But I have to note that the American Historical Association just cancelled their January convention in Seattle and the College Art Association cancelled their February annual meeting in NYC. Not identical formats, of course, but those meetings are  not cancelled on a whim, given the hotel penalties they pay and their loss of revenue. (Both meetings will be held virtually.)


    A bit off topic, but CAA has not cancelled their annual meeting.

    At this point they are making it a blended format, to incorporate online presentations, but hope to still have an in-person element, depending of course on the course of the pandemic



  13. 12 hours ago, YouOverThere said:

    According to the Washington Post, at least 3 employees of the WB have tested positive since the gala. One is a dancer (not named in the article).


    And Julie Kent of course (I don't see that mentioned in this thread--sorry if this is repeating information). It wasn't clear to me in the WaPo article if she is included in that three or is in addition to them.

  14. 21 minutes ago, ABT Fan said:

    Abrera gave a recent interview to DanceMagazine about her retirement, and it sounds like she won’t get a rescheduled farewell. Maybe I’m reading into it, but if her farewell was going to happen at some point (but when?) I’d think she’d mention it. 


    I wouldn't assume that is what it means really, although the question of whether she would have delayed her retirement does suggest it.

    No one knows what the fall will bring. I suspect that it is quite likely that season will also be cancelled, so it would be foolhardy to plan on a retirement show then, only to have the repeated disappointment of that being cancelled too.

  15. 51 minutes ago, canbelto said:

    Ah, how short the memories are. In 1927 a young choreographer named George Balanchine had an exciting project but was saddled with casting ultimatums: he had to cast Serge Lifar as Apollo because Lifar was Diaghilev's lover and then also cast Alice Nikitina because she had a wealthy lover who donated a lot of money to Ballet Russes. 

    Money and personal relationships used as a tool to getting roles is nothing new. I think Brandt and Trenary are both tremendously talented, so it's not as if one dancer's roles are not merited.

    and there is literally no evidence that Brandt's family money has at all influenced casting, as in the Balanchine case and as some people (not you Canbelto) have insinuated.

  16. 4 minutes ago, Kathleen O'Connell said:

    Google is your friend. It takes a minute or two to cut and paste a name into the search bar to make sure you're not posting a quote by someone odious, or who might at the very least be a lightning rod in your community. I learned this the hard way.

    Exactly--if you are citing someone's viewpoint in a way that indicates you agree with them, it behooves you to know what sort of person they are.

  17. 2 minutes ago, LadyBubbles said:

    True. Today I asked 6 people (ages 25-40), educated people, if they knew who Hicks was. Only one knew and that's because he's one of the greatest critics of the guy in the white house. The rest had no clue or failed miserably at guessing. Oh and one of the people who had no clue is a republican, so there's that.

    How depressing (but not unsurprising).

  18. 27 minutes ago, GB1216 said:

    What happened between Lane and Cornejo that they no longer partner together? 

    It is not public knowledge.

    It is clear, however, that some sort of falling out happened, based on their social media (lack of ) interactions, in addition to the not being cast together, even for events like his 20th anniversary celebration where he'd have had a major say in who his partners were.

  19. Just now, fondoffouettes said:

    Simkin being engaged just once for the entire Met season has also dealt a blow to Lane's career. The same could be said for Gorak somewhat petering out as a potential principal; the fact that they swapped Stearns into Lane's R&J is telling. 

    Exactly (I think I mentioned Simkin and his lack of ABT appearances in my earlier post). You are right too, about Gorak, who I'd almost forgotten about. I'm really sorry he never really developed in the areas in which he is lacking. He is so beautiful in some ways.

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