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  1. thanks so much!! you're a doll! is your real name dachnitsa?? sounds cool
  2. where can i find pictures of dmitri belogolovtsev??
  3. hannah


    thanks for the welcome. this really is the best ballet forum i have seen. i had been looking for one for years and i can't believe it's just now that i found this one.
  4. thanks so much! how do you know where to look all this stuff up??
  5. hannah


    hi, i'm 16 years old and i live in honduras, central america. my favorite dancer at the moment is dmitri belogolovtsev. and my name isn't really hannah, i just like it.
  6. thank you so much!! so he doesn't dance with the company anymore??
  7. can anyone tell me about him?? i know he's been in the bolshoi for a while and that's it. i've seen him dance, and i think he's pretty good. thoughts??
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