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  1. Casting has been posted for the May series, "Tango With Style." This program includes "Octet" by Ricky Weiss, "Keep" a new work by resident choreographer Matthew Neenan, and "Five Tangos" by Hans van Manen. Check it out.
  2. The casting is now up on the website. check it out.
  3. Correction: "I want to be Evil" is an Eartha Kitt Song. sorry
  4. PA Ballet did Swan Lake three years in a row after it premiered. And the ticket sales in Philadelphia last season were disappointing, mainly b/c people had just seen it and wanted something new. I think its pretty safe to say that they're going to give Swan Lake a rest for a few years until they think it will once again attract an eager audience.
  5. You can't forget the one with Dito aka "Martha Graham Cracker" performing a hilarious rendition of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" with Abigail Mentzer as his ballerina, and his version of "cold hearted Snake" was also fun. I thought Hawley Rowe's piece danced by Laura Bowman and Ian Hussey to Ella Fitzgerald's song "I want to be evil" was very cute. It made me really want to find a copy of that song too. And I was also impressed by Jermel's piece. Though the music was a little monotone(it was a repeating rhythm with little or no variation) I thought his choreography was pretty creative and showed off some interesting aspects of dancer's talent that I've never seen before. It was pretty fun and a good improvement on the piece he did two years ago. Good job to everyone in shut up and dance this year!!
  6. I believe the reviewer was referring to the part in which the red girls do pique turns through the arabesque position very quickly, otherwise I have no idea what it refers to. As for Carmina Burana ,I enjoy it immensely, and haven't spoken to anyone who feels otherwise. It is great for the younger generation, which the company is trying to attract. They are launching a young friends group with this program. As for doing more Balanchine ballets, I'm sure everyone would like to see that happen, but there is a lot of expense involved which seems to be a hang up. the company probably needs more funding to do so.
  7. Where did you find the article about the 2007-2008 season? I don't see it.
  8. The casting for 11:11 has finally been posted on the Pa ballet website. There is only one cast for As it's going and Symposium. There is a second cast for 11:11. The first cast performances are on Wed., Fri, and Sat. evenings and Sun. matinee. The second cast performs on Thur. night and Sat. matinee.
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