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  1. oh! i see! thats why i cant find any pics from this ballet.ok ty mel!
  2. its the first job of Marius Petipa that made him famous. he choreographed it at 1855 at St.Petersburg.
  3. i cant find any photos of this ballet.anyone can help me? :mellow: ty
  4. solor ty my friend nice job :)
  5. My name is Evi Bibila and i am a student at Andromaxi Kafantari's professional danceshcool in Thessaloniki (Greece).. The reason why i contact with you is that i have a project about Marius Petipa and i would like to ask for some further information(photos). I would kindly request a list of all his plays,photografs and whatever you concider that might be usefull to help me presentate Marius Petipa in a seminar about ballet. thank you in advance!
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