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  1. I used to dance hula when I was younger. I was fun, and really helped me with coordination. I got to use different implements, and I also got to learn Tahitian dancing, which is very hard!
  2. I've watched Michael Flatley while he was in River Dance, and his new group Lord of the Dance, and I think that Irish dancing looks amazing. I've taken tap, and that's pretty hard, but in Irish hard shoe dancing, you have to keep your upper body pretty still, but move your legs to intricate timing. I love watching Irish dancing, because it's very intriguing!
  3. I have always loved paintings of dancers. Plus, I'm just an all around artsy person, so I love anything artistic. And the gift certificate to a massage or spa sounds like an excellent idea! Little dance ornaments are always lovely. I've always had a liking for ornaments with the ballerinas in Swan Lake costumes, and they had their leg in arabesque.
  4. Has anyone here ever met, danced with, taught with, or been taught by Chebar Williams?
  5. Thank you, Ms. Leigh, for your input! It is greatly appreciated! My school does have excellent ballet instructors, and the majority of our dancers that have auditioned for SI's were accepted, and well-placed. Yes, there are competition schools that have bad technique and instructors, but my school cares a lot about the quality of teaching, and the dancers they teach. Thanks again for replying!
  6. I go to a competition school, and my school isn't like the schools that have been described. Not all competition schools are bad. We do have technique classes, and we try to focus on all the elements of dance in our competition dances. We don't just turn all the time because we are good at turns, or anything like that. I feel a little upset, because the impression I got from the other posters on this topic was that dancers from competition schools have no good technique whatsoever, and that's not true. I know that some of you probably don't mean it in a bad way, but that's just what I interpreted. I never really knew that people from professional schools felt this strongly against competition schools. People from competition schools can become professionals, even though they might not be classical dancers. Competition is also a lot of fun, and it gives us time to get to know other dancers from different studios. We also learn teamwork and committment. I hope I don't sound rude, because I'm just trying to express how I feel. Being in a competition school is another way of dance education. Everyone dances because they love it, or at least they like it, and competition schools aren't that bad. I just hope that people don't think all competition schools are bad, because I would be very disappointed. I know that people can express their opinions, but I feel a little hurt, since I am a student at a competition school. I do know that there is a whole other world of dance out there. Also competition schools do have a variety of different styles of dance to choose from. Not all competition schools have bad technique. Teachers and dancers at competition schools are just as devoted as teachers and dancers in professional schools.
  7. I would want to dance the parts of Juliet, Odette/Odile, or Aurora.
  8. Has anyone heard of Daniel Cruz? He was recently in the musical Fame.
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