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  1. I don't think we should read anything into the fact that her lawyer went to NYCB first. This is standard procedure with lawsuits - not only is it considered courteous to offer a settlement opportunity first, but I believe judges have an expectation that parties would have attempted to work through their issues prior to involving the courts. Also, I have to think NYCB and any other parties approached would vastly prefer this to being blind sighted by a lawsuit. I think it speaks volumes about NYCB and their respect for women that they chose to paint Alexandra as someone looking for a "
  2. I'm an MBA too. Trust me - the MBAs involved with ballet companies are there because they truly love the art form and want to use their skills, energy and connections to help arts organizations succeed. There are many other (higher paying) options one would pursue otherwise... The primary focus of an MBA is development of leadership skills - how to inspire others, how to build a cohesive organization, how to create a vision and an actionable plan to achieve that vision. If you look at the great ADs and EDs over time, they have exhitibed these capabilities. I live in Boston. I feel sorry
  3. gigi


    I saw last Friday's performance, which was absolutely lovely! Adriana Suarez as Tatiana gave a gorgeously detailed, dramatic performance, and Simon Ball was a dashing Onegin. Adriana is a refreshingly mature dancer and stage actress, and I was surprised by how charming and youthful she was as young Tatiana. Simon was so effective initially portraying Onegin as a bored callous jerk, that I had some difficulty understanding why Tatiana would ever fall for him and subsequently, was never sold on their chemistry. They had some awkward moments partnering, which is unusual for these two. Overal
  4. gigi


    Thanks for all the info Jeannie! It sounds like a wonderful group of performers, and it will be great to hear some first-hand accounts.
  5. Looks like the competition is getting underway soon. Is anyone planning to go? Any predictions?
  6. Constant turnover in senior management of a company, paired with the oft-condoned purge-binge style of dancer and staff employment is incredibly unproductive from the perspective of fund-raising, audience-building, relationship-maintaining (choreographers, international reputation, etc.) and morale. Unless there is a fundamental problem with a company, Boards and the public ought not tolerate such practices. Boards should instead reward gradual change implemented, where a director must prove he or she is capable of making smart decisions and "developing" and organization. All too often we s
  7. I believe the Kirov's Apollo premiered in the US only 10 years ago (1992 at the Met). And I believe Scotch was first performed in the States around 1990/1991. We're not that old yet!!
  8. gigi

    Lucia Lacarra

    I have seen Lacarra in SF, New York and London. Has anyone else seen her full-length Odette/Odile? I thought her Act II pdd at City Center (1998) was lovely, but when I saw her at Sadler's Wells (1999) in the full-length piece, I was greatly distressed by the performace she gave. First of all, I agree with Parish, Lacarra's Odette was a seductress on par with Odile. Out of context (ie a pas in a gala), this didn't bother me. However, someone needs to tell her Swan Lake is not merely a graphic exhibition of capabilities of the female body. Secondly, I found it distressing that Lacarra's
  9. Thank you both so much for looking into this! This site has a lot of information, and the lead will be of great help. Leigh, you mentioned Arts management - any insights on that education? I'm currently applying for MBA programs and would love to work in some Arts-specific, non-profit management coursework. Please do let me know if you have any thoughts!
  10. I'm interested in getting certified/trained in grant writing for arts organizations such as ballet companies. Could anyone here point me in the right direction (courses, resources) to get started? Thanks!
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