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  1. Abby918

    SAB Workshop 2010

    liebs- It looks like Lola Cooper is currently listed as an apprentice with Carolina Ballet. And Valse-Fantaisie was also recently performed at NYCB's Dancer's Choice Gala. If I remember correctly, the ballet featured four female corps dancers and a lead principal couple. I believe this is the version SAB students will perform at workshop this year.
  2. Abby918

    NYCB Nutcracker: 2007

    Garnetta Gonzalez (known as "Coco" while at SAB) was asked to be an apprentice in 2005 (per the Fall 2005 SAB Newsletter). It's nice to see her back dancing again.
  3. Abby918

    Nilas Martins Dance Company

    Yes. There is an extensive post at thewinger.com about this performance. No mention of the arrest but other drama about a last minute substitution...Megan LeCrone for Sara Mearns...and getting stuck on the Tappanzee Bridge while heading up to Saratoga. Lake Placid with Nilas Martins and Friends “Stars of Ballet”
  4. Abby918

    NYCB: REVIEWS Week 9

    Nope. No relation to Tiler Peck. The first three men you note in the photo are definitely correct. Not sure of the last two. Sorry.
  5. Abby918

    NYCB: REVIEWS Week 9

    Justin is the first guy on the left wearing green in this R&J photo posted on Front Row Center. http://www.nycballet.com/news/frc/wk2/pic1.html
  6. Abby918

    New Corps Members

    Brittany Pollack, Briana Shepherd and Justin Peck too!
  7. Abby918


    Actually, I believe that is Joe Hernandez in the photo on the right...not Matt.
  8. Abby918

    Romeo & Juliet

    We'll have to wait and see what happens in Saratoga. There are four R&J performances currently on the schedule.
  9. Abby918

    SAB Workshop

    Yes. I believe that's exactly what it is performed by students in the children's division at SAB.
  10. Abby918

    Romeo & Juliet

    Where exactly is this information posted? NYCB.org only has the first week of the season listed. Nothing yet for R&J.
  11. Abby918

    NYCB Week 5: Jan 30-Feb 4

    I miss Kowroski in Jewels. Her Rubies performance was my favorite!
  12. Abby918

    Sleeping Beauty Reviews, 2007

    I agree. Maria Gorokhov was an adorable and very polished Red Riding Hood. Kudos to Garielle Whittle, a teacher at SAB and the Children's Ballet Master for NYCB who's solely responsible for teaching all of the choreography to the children for their various roles in ballets such as Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Midsummer, Harlequinade, Circus Polka, Mozartiana and many more. I'm amazed at how she gets it all done each year!
  13. Abby918

    NYCB Spring '06 -- Performances

    I agree that Tuesday night's performance was not as good as the premiere. It lacked an overall energy and explosiveness that was displayed in the first performance. I still enjoyed watching Kowroski, Whelan and Hall tremendously but Scheller and DeLuz were a bit off in each of their pairings and the audience seemed to notice reacting with tepid applause at the end.
  14. Abby918

    NYCB Spring '06 -- Performances

    I thought Elo's new ballet was wonderfull! Invigorating, athletic, expressive, quirky, and overall a real winner. I've never experienced a world premiere ballet like this before at the State Theater. The entire performance was peppered with applause and the standing ovation at the end was very well deserved. Each dancer had huge smiles during their many curtain calls (all four couples, couples with choreographer, couples with violin soloist, women alone, men alone, all four couples again, etc.) and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Definitely my favorite Diamond Project ballet this yr. I can't wait to read the reviews!
  15. Just returned from this evening's performance...I was so delighted to see Kowroski back on stage! She seemed a bit tentaitve at first but looked more comfortable and relaxed as the night progressed. Her extensions are just superb. Many enjoyable debuts tonite as well...I particularly liked Stafford as Hermia, Dronova as the lead Butterfly and Sloan has always stood out to me in corps roles and did a great job as Helena. Borree's performance on the other hand was a different story. I am always so uncomfortable while watching her. She looked very unsure and wobbled often through the entire pdd which felt endless. Such a different experience from Whelan's performance in this role. I wish I would have seen Tuesday's show for this reason alone. And of course the children from SAB added that extra bit of magic to the night.