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  1. Did anyone see AB's Sleeping Beauty? Would love a review. Mary
  2. Thanx for the info. It's nice to know she's dancing well there.
  3. DId anyone see Juliane Kepley dance Cinderella? i rememebr her from the Atlanta Ballet and was just wondering how she's doing? Thanx
  4. As we all know it comes down to fan base....fair-unfair?
  5. I was told that they are actually RDA/SERBA and yes they did want to retain it due to the fact that the organization started with them.
  6. Does anyone know if Frank Chan is still dancing with Zurich? I have lost touch and was hoping someone could let me know if he is indeed still there. Any info would be appreciated. Thankyou
  7. Thank you Helene I appreciate the information MAK
  8. Does anyone know where or what Rachel Peppin will be doing? MAK
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