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  1. Here is some more info on the Dancers Benefit performance- The performances on March 9-12 benefit the dancers and will take place at the American Dance Institute, 1570 East Jefferson Street in Rockville MD. Tickets are $35 at the door; call the American Dance Institute to reserve your ticket at 301-984-3003 or visit the ADI website at www.americandance.org for more information
  2. I posted this earlier on a topic which was closed so I'll try again here. WASHINGTON's BALLET DANCERS TO PERFORM BENEFIT "The AGMA Dancers of the Washington Ballet still do not have a contract. They still do not know if or when they will be returning to work. We have been in negotiations again, after the cancelled NUTCRACKER, since Jan. 3rd. In the meantime, the dancers will be presenting a benefit performance to raise funds to help support themselves in this difficult time. We sincerely hope you will be able to attend one of the performances to support these courageous dancers and will spread the word to all you know. Performances will be at 7:30 Pm on March 9th, 10th, and 11th, and at 2:30 on Sunday, March 12th. The benefit performances will take place at American Dance Institute, 1570 East Jefferson Street in Rockville MD. Tickets are $35 with proceeds going to the dancers."
  3. Mel - Interesting question. And that would be relevant because....? No, I am not directly connected with AGMA. Indirect is open for interpretation. I know one of the dancers involved, am an advocate in general for dancers rights and am a big supporter of Career Transition for Dancers. Is that enough information for you because after this you'll have to buy me dinner. Just kidding! Junie B.
  4. Do you live in the Washington area? Beyond financial support there are other ways to help the out of work dancers of Washington Ballet. Are you or anyone you know a physical therapist, massage therapist, accountant, dentist, doctor, etc.? Do you own or work in a pilates studio, yoga studio, hair salon, etc. There are many services that can be offered to the dancers either free or at reduced costs that can help them survive. Actions speak louder than words. You can actually make a big difference in their lives! Please email AGMADC@comcast.net if you can help.
  5. For those of you who may be wondering how to help the dancers. From the Dance Insider 12/23/05 "In other news, I'm elated to share that the Independent Artists of America, which represents the dancers and stage managers of American Ballet Theatre, has just sent the American Guild of Musical Artists, which represents the artists of Washington Ballet, a $3,000 check to support the Washington dancers, embroiled in a labor conflict with management which they did not choose, but which they have no choice but to pursue -- not just for their rights, but for the rights of dancers everywhere to a safe and secure work environment. If you'd like to emulate the ABT workers' fine example, IAA VP Lori Rosecrans Wekselblatt suggests you send your check, earmarked on the check "Washington Ballet Dancers," to: Susan Davison AGMA Relief Fund 1430 Broadway 14th Floor New York, NY 10018-3308 You can also e-mail letters of support for the dancers to: AGMADC@comcast.com."
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