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  1. Thank you for such warm review! And I have to tell you that Denis was dancing with Gillian last Spring La Bayadere at ABT and once the short piece from Le Corsair in one Gala. So, these two people really had just dance a couple of times :-)
  2. That's an impressive pet!!! The tiger's great too. I know that's impossible to overplay the children and animals on the stage Well, here is no tigers
  3. http://www.matvyenko.com/data/gallery/1220973974_imgzk_b_26.jpg http://www.matvyenko.com/data/gallery/1224263751__DSC6798%20bw%20b.jpg http://www.matvyenko.com/data/gallery/1221026643_imgr_sr_18.jpg
  4. http://www.matvyenko.com/en/img.php?id=1706 http://www.matvyenko.com/en/img.php?id=1696 http://www.matvyenko.com/en/img.php?id=1682 http://www.matvyenko.com/en/img.php?id=1290 http://www.matvyenko.com/en/img.php?id=1470 http://www.matvyenko.com/en/img.php?id=1465
  5. Dear Dachnitsa, I forgot to tell you about prince Desiré on January 12th: because of the trauma Denis was froced to cancel his participationg in Sleeping Beauty at 12th, but he will perform Solor in Bayadere on January 19th. Welcome Best regrds, Alena
  6. Dear dachnitsa, As you've seen from my post, I know Denis personally. So I can give the answers for some questions. Concerning another, let it be our personal point of view. " Despite of that the fact remains that he DID "fling" her over his shoulder! Admittedly these are extremely demanding lifts, but they still have to appear soft and fluid. Especially in the third act, Matvienko had his difficulties holding Anna, therefore setting her down rather rudely. There was no sign of the tenderness with which (the otherwise impetuous) Spartacus should IMHO have treated his adored wife." There wa
  7. (I am writing as someone who knows Mr. Matvienko personally.) Usually I just read the reviews of forum members and not envolved to the conversation, but this time I can not stay away. First time I've seen Matvienko in the role of Spartacus, but not the first time on the stage. I have to say, that I wasn't sure he will deal with this one of the most difficult male roles. I was sure he will be equal to the technical side of the role, AND HE WAS!!! I am interested, when and where? But this is not the mane thing. As I said, I wasn't sure that he will be able to be a SPARTACUS. He is very
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