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  1. If you can get a Ferri performance, grab it. Otherwise, Julie Kent is lovely. (As are they all, of course, but these would be my picks!)
  2. You should try to get a copy of the video "Portrait of Giselle". I am a huge fan of her also, and there just isn't much written on her. This video shows Dolin coaching Patricia McBride in Giselle (I know, not the most typical thing, but she is quite beauitful) and interviews various famous Giselles. I think Kultur produced it. I got my copy by videotaping a copy of my teachers, though...
  3. Does anyone have suggestions for trying to order Royal Danish Ballet tickets online in English? The site for the theatre appears to only be in Danish on that particular page and I want to be sure I get the correct ones.....thanks!
  4. Does anyone know of any Bournonville ballets that are commercially availible and where they might be? Thanks.
  5. They are both lovely dancers and lovely people. I'm don't think the photo quite does them justice, however!
  6. Does anyone know anything about the San Diego Ballet? I have a friend who will be a trainee there next year and seh's curious.
  7. A pair of Taglioni's shoes also live at the Theatre Museum in London, catty corner to Covent Garden.
  8. I got to see the winter rep program on Wednesday night and had an amazing time-- it was the first time I've seen the company at the State Theatre (instead of Saratoga) and I have to say it really added something to the experience. First up was Chopiniana-- which was lovely! I had not expected to enjoy it as I am something of a traditionalist, but it was pared down to perfection which allowed you to really see the dancing and made it so much more enjoyable. The INCREDIBLE Likolani Brown did Prelude-- it's been a long time since I've been that blown away by a dancer. Sara Mearns and Lauren King
  9. Does NYCB have student rates for performances during the week? Also, is it generally possible to buy a ticket at the box office on the afternoon of the performance or are they generally sold out? I'm going to be in New York for a night next week and am hoping to catch them if I can. Also, does anyone know how close Dr. Hamilton's office (it's on 58th St) is to Lincoln Center (that's what I'll be there for) Thanks.
  10. Cora Cahan was a beautiful dancer and partner of Norman Walker in his company as well as guest appearances. The Norman Walker dance company was a modern company, and I doubt that this piece is one in the same-- they wouldn't have performed Ashton. Norman Walker then directed Jacobs Pillow for a few years and has choreographed all over the world. He is a brillant man and a wonderful choreographer, teacher and mentor.
  11. What roles are the BBII dancers doing?
  12. Anyone else see the Joffrey's Romeo and Juliet last night? It was Cranko's version, which I had never seen. Maia Wilkins did Juliet and was very good, but Mercutio was my favorite, and Benvolio had the straightest double tours I had ever seen. Sets and costumes wonderful.
  13. Zehr is a lovely dancer with an ideal body and feet and physicality as well as a very lovely person. She is from Harid and attended HBA's summer courses (with me!).
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