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  1. I actually forgot to watch the US program tonight, because the Canadian Champioships were on at about the same time. The depth in the men's group now in Canada seems pretty good, although it just wasn't the night for Jeff Buttle. He skated in last position following a number of men who had done quite well. I don't think he has adequately recovered from the food poisoning that caused him to withdraw from the Grand Prix final...too bad. We won't be seeing him at the Worlds this year. Sandhu had a wonderful skate - which is so nice to see.

    Two surprise gold medals in the women's and pairs events...both teams from Quebec (if it weren't so late I'd probably remember the names too)! :innocent:

    Too bad I missed the US Championships though!! :jawdrop:

  2. Just came home from the performance in Oakville. A wonderful venue for the audience member...quite small and not a bad seat in the house! Serious underwriting dollars from the local Benz dealership made it possible. Some local dance school students had the opportunity to watch rehearsal, and have a master class given by one of the company members (quite an honour...this doesn't happen in a small town too often!!)

    I did enjoy the performance. It was the first time I had really seen Sarah Murphy-Dyson dance, and she is magnificent. Curiously, Tara Birtwhistle got more kudos at curtain time ....perhaps because she's more well known.

    It perhaps helps that I'm not really an opera buff and I wasn't really familiar with the libretto. I just enjoyed the dance for itself. I had anticipated things being a bit over the top because of what I'd heard and read, but it was tamer than I anticipated (only two bum slaps that I recall). The choreography was quite different, certainly not the classical vocabulary that one sees in other productions or in other companies....but as a non-dancer's appreciating a performance, I would give it a definite thumbs-up. The people seated behind me weren't sure they like Godden's arm movements,

    The one piece of constructive criticism I could offer would be about the costumes. I liked them, they were quite interesting and funky, but in some cases entirely hid the dancer's feet. When I ask dancers what they watch in a performance the answer is usually "feet".... so this might be a problem. I know that Sarah Murphy-Dyson had a much more pleasing line in the second act, when the costume was a sort of dress, and one could actually see most of her legs and all of her feet. There was at least one other dancer who seemed to have the most amazing feet, but they were hidden for the entire performance underneath long pants.

    I'll read the libretto tomorrow and perhaps post again once I've had an opportunity to ponder.

    Definitely a performance worth seeing. Extremely talented dancers with choreography that makes you think.

  3. Actually, from the Globe and Mail this morning, the Russian ice dance pair was Tatania Navka and Roman Kostomarov. The article goes on to explain a bit about the new marking system and how things unfolded yesterday at the hershey Centre. Navka and Kostomarov finished first, Bulgarians Denkova and Staviyski were second, and Canada's Dubreuil and Lauzon were third. It's interesting to note that when you look at the level of difficulty (out of 3) in 13 elements, the Russians had ones in six elements, while the Canadians had threes in EIGHT elements. Sometimes simplicity is good, I suppose...and this was one of the things I enjoyed about the Russians.

    Typically I would say that the Canadians also have good line. In this performance the Russians just stood out more. Perhaps it was the costumes, which on Dubreuil and Lauzon I found quite busy; perhaps it was the "business" of the Canadian's choreography...or perhaps this Russian couple is just unbelievably exceptional in this regard.

    That being said, it's hard NOT to be incredibly proud of the Canadians with their third place finish.

  4. Skate Canada has been this weekend...did they really schedule two Grand Prix events for the same weekend?? Ack! :thumbsup:

    I don't recall this happening in other years...?? :shrug:

    I caught a glimpse of Skate America (Pairs) yesterday...am not nearly as enamored of the long-limbed Chinese pair as Dick Buttons seems to be, but then I'm not a skater either. As I watched them, I was struck that the woman's feet always seemed flexed. Of course I know it must be difficult to point those feet in skates, but I remember coaches saying this to my daughter when she was younger so there must be something to it.....

    Then today I saw a bit of the dance competition from Skate Canada. The top Russian couple (whose names escape me at the moment) had the most incredibly wonderful line...AND the feet were pointed. I'm guessing the difference is the ballet training the Russians must have. What do others say? I really know so little about skating, it's just something I've always enjoyed watching!

  5. I'm going in Oakville on Friday. Really looking forward to it. Did you see the piece the CBC did the other day? I missed a lot of it I'm afraid (my week for missing things on CBC)...but they did briefly interview dance critic Michael Crabb, who had postitive things to say.

  6. Perhaps if the Hummingbird Centre put notes on the chairs of patrons who didn't "behave" :blink: .....not those of us who wait until the last minute to renew... :innocent:

    Proper Audience behaviour needs to be taught. Not a difficult lesson, but some instruction is nevertheless required. Unfortunately, with ticket prices for many things in the GTA soaring, folks may just stay away with the end result being VERY poor audience "skills" if they ever do make it out to a performance.

  7. I was browsing the website of the Royal Ballet the other day, and was sad to learn that Johann Persson has left the company. The note that I read indicated that he had been injured for some time, and was to pursue a career in photography. Jamie Tapper is still listed as a principal dancer with the company.

    I truly enjoyed Persson's performances at NBOC. He is one dancer whose face literally lit up the stage! :wink: (Yes, and his dancing was a joy to watch as well!)

  8. I have seen The Four Seasons a couple of times live, and I've also seen it on TV. It was a Veronica Tennant production, I believe, for the CBC. I also saw Firebird when NBOC did the Kudelka version for the first time, a couple of years ago I believe.

    I love the Four Seasons. I think it's a brilliant piece of work. However, I love the music too, so even if the dancing was awful I could close my eyes! The piece was really made on Rex Harrington...I don't think I've ever seen anyone else dance the role. As this coming season will sadly be his last as a principal dancer, I think we'll see a lot of the Four Seasons.

    Firebird I remember less well, as I have only seen it once. The costumes are amazing, quite a feast for the eyes.


  9. Actually, I don't think the pointe shoe beating worked.... :wacko:

    Each performance I've attended this year seemed to have its share of cell phone nonsense. :angry:

    Now my husband can sleep through anything :sleeping: ...but this would include the performance, so wouldn't be my chosen method of dealing with said interference.

    Maybe I should just hold my breath? :green:

  10. Oh thank you for that creativejuice!! :D I wasn't even TARDY in my renewal...it was just uncomfortable for NBOC.

    They didn't show up at my house, but they did call me in the last week before the deadline. The good news was that I was able to pay in two installments, hence avoiding the need to call the credit card company to increase my limit.

    And it wasn't the Contract I was thinking of...it was one done by a guest choreographer. Now I'll have to go look it up, as I'll be bothered that I can't remember!

  11. I just get anxious reading about this! Sounds like I should start saving right away so that I can still afford any tickets AT ALL by the time the new venue is ready.

    Personally, I think that NBOC would be selling a few more tickets if dancers like Tapper and Persson hadn't jumped the big pond and landed at the Royal. I also wonder if the Glasco situation did some lasting damage in terms of ticket sales that wasn't anticipated. Not to mention that Kudelka has experimented with some, er, interesting choreographers over the last 2 or 3 years. The "ballet" with the overcoats and street shoes almost put me of dance entirely (I don't even remember the name of the dance, just remember that I didn't care for it.

    I know that NBOC must plan ahead. However, as a subscriber I really want to see more than one or two shows before I decide to renew for the next season....it never seems to be the right time to spend that kind of money when also trying to scrape together funds for summer dance programs.

    This year they took one additional step, as you know, by taping renewal notices to the seats of those patrons who hadn't yet renewed (at the last performance). While generally I enjoy getting mail, this isn't the way I prefer to receive it.

  12. Don't know why I didn't see this thread before...last but not least, perhaps?

    I didn't dance as a child...heaven knows how my kids got involved...anyway, I digress.

    I grew up in Houston, Texas and when I was about 12 or 13 a friend of my parent's invited me to attend the ballet with her. This would have been around 1970, so I'm showing my age, but it was before the Houston Ballet came to be.

    Anyway, the ballet I saw was Swan Lake with Fonteyn and Nureyev. Of course I knew nothing about ballet at the time, and we sat in almost the very back row, but I could tell I was seeing something really special. I'm sure there were many bitten by the ballet "bug" with that performance...maybe with me it just skipped a generation!

  13. I could never be as wonderfully descriptive as the two of you have been!

    Dancing daughter and I saw the performance at the Sunday Matinee. While we enjoyed it, I don't think we were quite as enthusiastic as you...but then casting was somewhat different.

    Ryan Boorne danced in Emeralds...perhaps it wasn't the best role for him...but daughter noticed his Supermodel girlfriend in the audience and was duly star-struck (we hear wedding bells are coming soon)....

    Still on the Emerald theme, we were delighted to see Julie Hay in such a nice role...we are big fans of hers!

    We loved Rubies, and so did everyone else in the audience I think. There were audible gasps when the curtain went up.

    Diamonds was also quite lovely, and I am still amazed at the genius of Balanchine combining and juxtaposing the music and choreography the way he did.

    I was one of the recipients of a letter taped to my seat upon arrival, as I have yet to renew my subscription. What an interesting way to get one's attention....hmm.

  14. Creativejuice,

    I agree with much of what you've said, and as always you articulate things so much better than I!

    I do find myself wondering about the lighting, however. I agree that it certainly set the mood of the piece...problem was I could hardly see the dancers faces in some scenes (and I have good seats too; not in the nosebleed section). Perhaps I look too hard for some things...


  15. My daughter and I saw the matinee today. Briefly, the dancing was excellent and the costumes were lovely.

    I think perhaps it might be a good idea to look at the music...an original piece for this production. Needed some variety .....was very slow, throughout the entire ballet. This may have limited the choreography, which we found nice but simple. This may in fact have been the intent... Lifts, for example, were pretty straightforword, and the same pattern was repeated many times. Kudelka's lifts can be extremely intricate, not to mention dangerous at times...I guess I never realized how much we have grown to appreciate him as a choreographer!

    I'll consult with dd and have more later.

  16. Well, I'm going to vote for Apollo (sorry Mr. B). The performances I've seen really haven't stood the test of time, in my humble non-dancer opinion.

    And if the performance of Spectre de la Rose I saw recently from NBOC was any indication of what this ballet is supposed to be like, I'd vote for it too.

  17. OK,

    I have to agree with you about the costumes. They were awful! I'm glad you said it first, however.:D

    Looks like you and Tracy Wilson are pretty in synch with the comments of the 3rd and 4th place team. There was another dance team she talked about (can't remember which one now...) she felt that their basic skating technique was weak...mentioned that you could see the snow flying as they skated and this indicated that their edges weren't as clean as they should be (again, I'm NOT a skater so may have terminology wrong)....the judges did not seem to agree and marked them quite high...wish I could remember specifically which couple this was...tutu14, did you see this part of the Ice Dancing?

  18. Thank you again Jeannie! Once again Canada's national newspaper fails to deliver. NO news this morning of the Ice Dancing, not even to say that it took place after press time...I could live with that. My husband says I'm the only one who cares.

    I am so happy for B & K...long awaited and deserved. The Russians did well too and I'm sure they were disappointed. The programs were so different I don't know how one would judge them against each other...looking forward to your comments here.

    I'm curious to hear your report of the 3rd and 4th place couples. Tracy Wilson had some interesting comments...I think she was even torn. She said that the Russians (4th place) have enormous potential, are a very well-matched couple with good technique and excellent line (dance training shows, she said)...and she noted that they had a much more dramatic presentation than the 3rd place couple...one could tell that the crowd responded quite favourably to the Russians. Sounds like she's anticipating greatness.

    The 3rd place couple, according to Ms Wilson, had a more challenging program and executed it well. She felt that they are not as well matched physically...not a lot of height differential for example, and that this might be a factor from time to time (I don't know that I completely understand this, I guess it's an aesthetic similar to ballet where the man is typically expected to be taller).

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