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  1. Canada is apparently working on something like a vaccine passport for future international travel.  So far the feds haven't talked about using this for access to businesses or theatres, however Quebec is apparently starting to provide digital proof of the vaccine (as of later this week), which that province indicates could be used by businesses.  So we'll see how that goes.

    Meanwhile in Ontario, the National Ballet of Canada has yet to announce plans for next season.  Subscribers were told to expect an announcement in June.

  2. Thank you for posting this sandik.  I "met" Jeff back in the days of danceart I think the website was?  There was a chat function way back in the day, and we often ended up moderating discussions at the same time.  He never tired of correcting spelling and grammar! 

    I did meet him in person one summer when we both happened to be in the NYC area at the same time.  It was very kind of him to come meet me - I think he was working a bit outside the city, so it was a bit of a hike for him.  A very special person who gave more of himself than his sometimes crusty presentation would let you know.


  3. Thank you for sharing this sad news.  We did meet a time or two in person, but I was never lucky enough to take one of her tours.  I always enjoyed her "Ballet Talks" before NBOC performances - I felt I learned more from her than I did from some of the professional dancers who gave talks.

    I found this obituary online, it's a very nice tribute to a special person:


  4. The school now has its own syllabus.  That said, the teacher training program does prepare candidates to teach Cecchetti and/or RAD.

    As a subscriber for many years I would have to say that my observation has been that in recent years more Apprentices/First year corps are taken from schools other than NBS.  I've no idea why, other than the company is truly searching for the best talent and fit for the company.

    Just doing a quick look - of the current corps of 26, 10 identified has having had some training at NBS.  Of the 13 principals, 6 were associated with NBS.

  5. I received an e-mail from the Company about retirements and promotions, but didn't see anything about leavers.  Can you give a link naomikage?  Curious to see where they are going.

    In terms of the racial issue - following the Dance Magazine article I linked to above, Mr. Rose did post that he had a positive meeting with the company - so that was good.  Next, Dance Magazine did a follow-up article, interviewing Ms. Daumec and and quoting Mr. Rose - it seemed as though they had interviewed Mr. Rose as well.... Not exactly.  He called out the publication on his Instagram feed.  Subsequently there was a follow-up article, which does quote Mr. Rose: It's been difficult to follow the situation, to say the least.



  6. Yesterday a family member pointed me to the instagram feed of company dancer Nicholas Rose. See his instagram via link below, from a Dance Magazine article:

    Nicholas Rose and other dancers on racism


    Lately his posts have been quite critical of the way the ballet world in general treats dancers of colour, and he specifically criticizes individual staff and leadership of NBOC.  To say that I was very saddened to hear what he had to say is an understatement; and I hope that the company pays attention.

  7. I wandered over to the NBOC website the other day and read that the remainder of the season had been cancelled.  Although I've been a subscriber for over 20 years I did not receive notification of this via e-mail.  The company also messed up with notifying me of the March cancellations (sent the notice to an old e-mail address), which I subsequently clarified via telephone and the member portion of the website - so I really don't understand why they can't get my e-mail correct.  Perhaps they've downsized office staff at this time.  If this is the case, perhaps they should make that public and I'd adjust my expectations accordingly...

  8. I braved the crowds for the Santa Claus parade today and went to the ballet.  Has anyone else here seen this program?

    I enjoyed the Balanchine piece - new in NBOC's rep.  Heather Ogden and Harrison James danced the leads - nice to be able to see them for a Sunday matinee. 

    I should point out that Chaconne runs 30 minutes.  Binet's piece in contrast was 73 minutes.  In my view, 73 minutes for that work was way too much.  I could see 15-20 minutes, which would mean losing some of the random bits (such as the "kitchen" scene and the silly receptionists of the Underworld).  I understand what Binet et al were attempting to do - I think - which was to tackle a very dark subject in a variety of different ways.  In the end this was more of a play (yes there were speaking parts, so it's very clear that Eurydice has died and Orpheus wishes to have more time with her lover) with a bunch of dancing.  Binet has created Orpheus as a female role, and Eurydice as a male - just to clarify - it really doesn't change the story but does make it a little more difficult to remember character names. In this iteration of the story it appears that Eurydice's death was likely the result of suicide, however this is implied and not overt.  There was a small child in my row - she seemed to be about 5 years old - and I wondered how she felt being inside watching this and not outside watching the parade.  I can't imagine the questions she posed to her adult companions afterwards.  

    I don't recall getting an alert about content from NBOC, and perhaps everyone should have anticipated this because of the Greek Myth, but I'm thinking the people with the small child would probably not have chosen this particular program if they'd known.  Again, perhaps they should have but an alert from the Ballet would have been in order.

    The dancing itself was excellent - leads were Hannah Fischer as Orpheus, Brendan Saye as Eurydice and Tanya Howard as "Eurydice's mom."  This role in the program seems to be "Mourner."  Sometimes I find Ms. Fischer to be a bit stiff - this was not the case today.  She danced very well, and we could feel her emotion.  Brendan Saye also did very well - he didn't have the talking parts however that Fischer and Howard did.

    So.  Is it a ballet?  A play? A drama or a "comedy/drama"?  Who really knows.  I just know that for me it was too long, and a bit more to chew emotionally than I really care to do for an afternoon out.

    There were a lot of "Bravo's" in the audience at the end of Orpheus so clearly my lukewarm reception wasn't the only opinion out there.  I can only say that as a season's ticket holder for many years I am really going to think twice about renewal going forward.




  9. I thought Saye did well in the roles I saw him in this season.  I've been watching him since he was an Apprentice - has certainly come a long way.

    In other news, I see on Felix Paquet's twitter that he is going to dance in Hamburg.  I've not seen anything from NBOC indicating that he is leaving the company - has anyone else seen news?

  10. I was also there this evening.  Agree about Siphe November, but I would add that Felix Paquet really shone in that piece as well.  He is getting more opportunities this season, which I think is a good thing.  I first saw him in Banff, summer a few years ago.  I also would say that Sonia Rodriguez continues to amaze me with the depth and breath of her skills.  (did notice her husband in the house tonight, with two boys I assumed to be their kids.  Nice to see the family out - in the past I've only ever seen him at shows).

    I admit there was a lot I don't think I "got" - but the dancing spoke for itself, as did the skill of the dancers.





  11. 18 hours ago, Xiaoyi said:

    Due to the weird casting list, I can not tell all the dancers. I recognized Greta Hodgkinson, Sonia Rodriguez, Chelsy Meiss, and Félix Paquet.

    Looking at the cast list I think I would add Stephanie Hutchison, Calley Skalnik, Selene Guerrero-Truijillo (though perhaps I am mis-remembering this person), Kathryn Hosier, and Giorgio Galli.  Some of the others I am less sure of.


  12. Today I went to the matinee performance of the Forsythe programme.

    I quite enjoyed the first piece - not sure I processed the other two.  Here's what happened:

    (note that I have a seat very near the front, with space next to me for wheelchair seating).

    A woman and her elderly father sat next to me.  The woman mentioned that her dad was 98 years old and had never been to the ballet before; both seemed to really be looking forward to the performance.  

    The first piece in this show is 12 minutes, then there is a two minute pause followed by another piece which is 20+ minutes.

    During the pause, the woman attends to her father attempting to make him more comfortable in his chair.  Unfortunately he ends up sliding completely out of his chair so that he is literally lying on the floor, with his feet under the seats in the next row.  Several of us tried to help, but couldn't get the elderly gentleman back in the chair.  The gentleman was of course uncomfortable, and saying so, an saying that he wanted to leave.  Before I knew it the second piece was happening on stage, and the gentleman was still on the floor.  Finally the medics arrived, managed to get him in the chair and the gentleman left with his daughter.  Meanwhile onstage the dancing continued.

    After the second piece there were bows; the dancers were warmly applauded.  I could see someone hovering in the wings - this person came out onstage and motioned for the audience to stop clapping.  I believe this was William Forsythe himself, but am not sure.  Anyway, he basically said that those who were talking during the show shouldn't have been, and that we don't come to the theatre to listen to the audience talk.  So - he scolded the entire audience for a medical situation.

    After the intermission, the elderly gentleman and his daughter returned to their seats - and told me they had heard the scolding.  I don't know that I have words for this - I am so incredibly sad that this happened, and unfolded right in front of me.

    I have no idea how it is that the front of the house didn't get the issue communicated to backstage.  I was hoping that someone would come onstage later and apologize; this didn't happen.

    After all this I found it difficult to concentrate on the dancing.  When I could process it, I saw great dancing.



  13. Well, I have to admit that Apollo isn't my favourite - never has been - but that's just me.  I am glad that Felix Paquet is getting some nice casting opportunities, however he had a lot to do on Sunday afternoon and seemed a bit tired after "Night."

    I completely agree with you about Binet's piece - the best I could say is that it seemed that the female costume was really nice, and the dancers did the best they could with what they were given.  Thankfully it was a short piece and I did like the choice of the Mahler piece.

    I enjoyed "Night," and I can't say that putting it in the same program with Apollo bothered me, but then again as I'm not a huge Apollo fan... I've never seen NYCB perform Apollo - perhaps I'd see it differently from a company more known for Balanchine works.

    Paquita - well, on the one hand I do enjoy a nice classical performance from time to time, and it certainly was that.  The leads were H. James and H. Ogden, who danced very well.  I felt that the corps work could have been more synchronized (under-rehearsed, perhaps?), but generally it was danced well.  I had to look up historical reference for the costumes however as I thought there must be a reason why the women were all in some hideous shade of orange.  Haven't managed to find a reason... 

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