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  1. further to my season's ticket pricing rant…. I had a call the other night from NBOC while I was cooking dinner. Normally I wouldn't pick up at that time, but figured I had something to say. The man on the other end of the phone was probably taken aback (I think he was calling for donations), but he was very nice. Said he would look into it and call me back. He didn't. I did tell him that I was not about to make a donation when the price of my season's tickets went up so much, without warning. Guess I have a couple of weeks to decide before the early bird deadline. Question: do other big companies have the renewal process so early?
  2. NBOC announces casting very close to the program dates…. generally about 2 weeks in advance or so. Therefore not any help when making decisions about subscriptions for next season. As I always have gone on a Sunday matinee I can sometimes predict who I'll see as Sunday is generally not first cast (and yes I may have an opinion about that too…) However sometimes over the last season or so we have seen some amazing performances. There are some up and coming soloists that I don't get to see enough of, and one that I see too much of.
  3. sandik - yes that is about right, though I think in recent years we haven't always had four full length ballets. This weekend I got around to looking at my subscription renewal info. Holy catfish!! The price has gone up by just over $200, for an early bird cost of just under $1000 for the season!!! This is for the 6 programs - one performance each. Not sure what I will do. I really like my seat - suspect my seating choice is part of the cost problem, but still. An increase of over 20%??
  4. mom2

    Hello from Canada!

    Hi Whitey- Welcome from a fellow Canadian! Please take some time to explore all the information here and on Ballet Talk for Dancers. It's always nice to have someone new from Canada! mom2
  5. I had the same feeling here in Canada! Apparently there was a broadcast on The Sports Network - but not live on one of the National networks. Of course there were live broadcasts of a hockey game (or two or three). The US Nationals were the same weekend as the Canadian ones. I was able to watch a lot of the US (finals) live, from Canada. Would have really appreciated being able to see the Ice Dancing Free Dance for both countries, on the same day. Can't comment on the European skaters however but the Olympics should be great in terms of skating talent! mom2
  6. What a small world Ballet Alert can be! My dd was also one of the adult dancers in the film. She would also say that it was a great experience - she learned a lot!! - and that the younger dancers were exceptionally talented.
  7. I agree with everything you've said, but it does bother me a bit (in case you hadn't noticed... ) that KK specifically said she didn't have a spot for Lunkina and noted that taking her on would take work away from other female principals. Granted she was likely referring to a full contract, but it just seems like a slippery kind of statement to make. Hopefully the dancing is wonderful enough to make me zip my lips. And why on earth do you get rid of a principal dancer (JJ) only to have him back? Now of course I am making assumptions as to who made the decision to leave...
  8. Very interesting news. Will be quite glad to see McKie more. Did not go to the gala, so didn't see Lunkina. I remember however that Kain was quoted as saying that she didn't have a place in the company for her. So - what gives, KK? Re Jelinek - again, confused. He left and now he's back?? I do like him, feel like Toronto audiences didn't get to see him enough due to injuries and so forth - but why did KK let him leave and then bring him back? Re Golding - I hope I get to see him - looking forward to that!
  9. Message on the Stuttgart Ballet website, from the company dancers guesting at the Bolshoi: http://www.stuttgart-ballet.de/home/
  10. Would love to hear your thoughts on the show tonight. I have posted over on the sister board, Ballet Talk for Dancers. mom2
  11. Here is a rather comic look from Canada - "Alice" finishes its run tomorrow in Toronto. http://www.cbc.ca/player/Shows/Shows/The+Rick+Mercer+Report/ID/2304549836/
  12. Actually if you scroll down a bit when you're on the ABT page here you'll find threads on both male and female principals. That's probably easier for you than me giving a link.
  13. Hi ABT fan, welcome to Ballet Talk! There was actually quite a long thread recently about the male principal issue at ABT - I will see if I can link you to it. mom2
  14. Excellent news indeed! Too bad it's taken NBOC such a long time to "find" Mr. McKie...
  15. I did manage to find a Facebook page for the 2012 competition, but most of the recent news links are not in English so that doesn't help with names. There are some very nice photos however! mom2
  16. On my list of dancers I'd be trying to lure if I was ABT.... Evan Mc Kie and Jason Reilly, Stuttgart Ballet. Have seen them both perform here in Canada and enjoyed them both immensely. An American dancer I've really enjoyed is Brooklyn Mack. Unfortunately, ABT isn't calling to ask my opinion...
  17. Yes I agree Bingham. Don't know how possible it would be to stay with ENB, guest at NBOC and dance with ABT as well, but sure would be exciting for him! Personally I would prefer Cote over Konvalina.
  18. Guillaume Cote (National Ballet of Canada) has guested with ABT in the past, so if I were looking for someone I would at least consider him. Toronto audiences love him. http://national.ballet.ca/thecompany/principals/Guillaume_C%C3%B4t%C3%A9/
  19. Just a quick note to say that I located the blog today for tours en l'air - I contacted the "word lady" and she responded quite promptly. Thank you to the originator of this thread - you helped me find something I'd been looking for!
  20. Yes, Tours en L'air is the one I was thinking of! The "word lady" is the person I was trying to describe - you will find her much more articulate! Please let us know if you do decide to go.
  21. I know that there are some tours arranged by a group connected with the National Ballet of Canada, but I don't know the contact information off the top of my head. Will try to look. They have gone to Europe (various countries) and spots in the US. The woman who leads the tours also gives a continuing ed class in Ballet History at the University of Toronto. From time to time she leads ballet talks prior to performances, and I always feel I learn the most when she is speaking. When someone else steps up to the podium it is never the same. I would love to take part in one of the ballet tours some day. I wil post more information if I find it. mom2
  22. Has anyone else here seen a performance? I attended today (Nov. 20), in the middle of the Toronto Santa Claus parade. Would be interested to hear what others have to say. My daughter went last night - her thoughts essentially: "too much fabric." (this is literally, not figuratively). I had to see it to really understand. She was quite on the money I thought. There were pieces to enjoy here, but the set and costumes were not a high point for me - ok, quite the contrary. In some instances these really took us away from the choreography. Of course there were places where the steps were faster and perhaps more "current" with more recent works, but on the whole I'm not sure I'm ready to give up on Cranko just yet. Then again, perhaps this version will mature over time.
  23. Thanks dancemom! I had seen this information on the ABT website. I guess had been wondering about what caused the change, and what has happened to last year's ABTII members who are not listed under Corps or Studio Company. No matter how you slice it however, still a wonderful opportunity for those dancers selected!
  24. Anyone here have news re ABTII (once again Studio Company)? We've had some discussion over on BT4D, with the result that there seems to have been a change in how the Studio Company is described but there isn't anything on the website about it yet. The names for Studio company are (at least) somewhat different for 2011-12 than they were for this past season. One does expect there to be some changes, but these seem more than a typical season to season shift. mom2
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