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    NBoC's Merry Widow

    Loved your review of Merry Widow! My older daughter and I saw the Sunday Matinee, with Martine Lamy and Sonia Rodriguez. A great show, although daughter thought that there was a lack of unison in some of the dancing. I had never seen this ballet "live" before, and enjoyed it immensely. At wonderful way to start the season. Leigh, if you go to the Sunday matinee perhaps we'll rub elbows! I will be there, with younger daughter this time. Enjoy the show!
  2. mom2

    NBoC mixed program

    look forward to your review, Paquita. I am going on Sunday with my daughter.
  3. looking at my program, Yuriko was in Chopiniana..Nocturne, Mazurka, and Valse. I would guess that's a pretty good sign...how old is she?
  4. Hi Lilly, My daughter and I attended the Friday evening performance - which one did you see? I think our experience was similar to yours...we certainly enjoyed ourselves! We had EXCELLENT seats, although I think it's difficult to have poor seats in that theatre. I was quite impressed with the quality of dancing, and the unison of the corps in Chopiniana. We loved the sports theme in the last ballet, and the performers seemed to echo the sentiment. My daughter will be attending the summer program this year; there was a girl from the states in her audition (in Toronto), but I didn't speak to the family so have no idea which part of the states they travelled from. The NBS summer program is different to some of those in the states, in that it is an audition for the full-time program, not a "stand-alone" Summer Intensive. I would certainly encourage anyone to audition, and have read posts here and on other sites from Americans who attended. In fact, I seem to recall last year that an American girl received some form of scholarship (at least that was her post). So....go for it, and good luck!
  5. mom2

    NBC Butterfly

    We went to the Thurs. mat performance...the same one Helga attended. My older daughter was there with her ballet school...Ryan Boorne, who danced Pinkerton's friend, is a graduate of her school...so it was nice for them to get to see him. He has matured considerably in his dramatic abilitiesover the last couple of years. Serenade was wonderful, and I thought there were very few lapses in unison. We all loved Butterfly! I think that this ballet truly allows the dancers to be actors, and they all fulfilled the expectations wonderfully. Sonia Rodriguez is of course technically brilliant, but this was the first time I had seen her portray so much emotion on stage. Her husband, skater Kurt Browning, was in the audience by the way... I read a review on another board by someone who is much more adept with written expression than I seem to be - he talked about the "busy-ness" of the first couple of scenes. This was something that I had noticed too, and bothered me a bit; it was hard to take everything in visually. He was then struck by how this "busy-ness" might very well parallel an Englishman's experience of Japan, and that the choreography may very well be an attempt to depict that feeling...now why didn't I think of all that? Overall I have to say that I was quite encouraged about the state of NBOC after watching this performance. This was NOT a feeling I had after watching the Comforts of Solitude, one of the offerings in February.
  6. mom2

    NBC Butterfly

    I wish I could help you here...but I won't see the performance myself until the 10th. I had to change my regular ticket (last Sunday). My daughter went to the mixed program today...I was away at her sister's performance so didn't go. Word was that the performance was enjoyed.