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  1. Actually, I remember reading in Plisetskaya's autobiography "I, Maya Plisetskaya" that she always had a lot of trouble with fouettes, especially in Swan Lake, and that's why she replaced them with the circle of pique turns. She was an incredible Odile though, no one better in that role IMO.

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  2. I saw him dance about 8 years ago. He came with a small pick up group called "Stars of the Kirov", which perhaps should have been called "former stars of the Kirov"- everyone was so well past their prime. Dolgushin performed his own choreography which basically consisted of him sort of "floating" around the stage and periodically lying down (at the time I assumed to rest). Also he was wearing a green unitard and cape. I really wish I hadn't seen him like that.

    This could be wrong but I heard that he was teaching men's classes at the Vaganova in addition to his job at the Conservatory.

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  3. Sylvia, may be it will be a small comfort, but Ayupova is a very beautiful lyrical/dramatic dancer with a very pure style. There is such a light about her when she is moving, it's impossible to take your eyes off her. I saw her about a month ago in The Fountain of Bahchisaray (not a favorite of mine) at the Mariinsky and it was definitely a highlight of my ballet-going career.

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  4. I would have loved to see Farrell in any ballet, but especially Diamonds, Symphony in C, La Sonnambula, Mozartiana, and in any of the Stravinsky ballets. (I watched a video of Mozartiana at NYPL, and could not breathe it was so beautiful. I've seen it a few times at NYCB with different dancers but never had that experience.)

    While back on Earth :) :

    I would love to see Uliana Lopatkina dance Odette/Odile, Nykia, and the Sleepwalker; and Diana Vishneva in anything by Balanchine.

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  5. For some reason, the Kirov was not able (didn't want?) to present "Manon" before the jury in Moscow, so the ballet fell out of the running. Lopatkina did not dance in "Jewels" due to injury, and thus was no eligible for the award.

    All the machinations around "Pharaoh's Daughter" (or "Rozhdestvensky'Stepdaughter" as some people call the ballet now) really put a damper on the Golden Mask this year (may be more for the Moscovites than for anyone else, but still...)

    I didn't know Kirov was bringing "Jewels" to D.C. Can't wait to see them :)

  6. I understand that he has left the hospital, and is resting at home now. Someone who saw him on Saturday, said that he is not feeling too well (obviously) but that he is up and walking around his apartment. That seems like a good sign. People in Moscow absolutely adore him. Hope he recovers completely and soon.

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