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  1. pasdechat

    Sono Osata

    I am still reading it, but she had so much exposure with the Ballet Ruses, it amazed me that I had never seen her name before now. I read a lot.
  2. pasdechat

    Sono Osata

    Hi haven't written in a while but over the weekend I bought a book secondhand and it was written by Sono Osata.(Distant Dances) Anyone have anything they remember about her?
  3. I remember being taken to see Atlanta Ballet's Copelia with Tom Pazik, Gil Boggs and Maniya Barredo and what I most remember is Maniya sitting down with her feet en pointe imitiating the dolls eyelashes with her fingers and Pazik pointing at her. From then on I looked for anything to do with ballet, The Red Shoes, newspaper articles. I went on to dance 11 years. Now my oldest daughter is studying with Maniya.
  4. I also liked "Dancer to Dancer " by Melissa Hadyn
  5. my favorites are the Kay Ambrose "Pocketbook series, the Talia Mara series 1st steps etc., Coffee Table book "The Magic of Dance" by Dame Margot Fonteyn, I guess I'm telling on myself, most of these I've had for many years =)
  6. pasdechat

    Gelsey II

    I saw the video of Kirkland with Baryshnikov at Wolf Trap on sale at Bigstar.com or at least it was listed.
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