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  1. Has anyone seen the current mixed program at NBoC? Specifically, The Fiddle and The Drum. I'd love to know what those who've seen it think before seeing it myself. My ticket is for Sat eve.
  2. I did see Reilly as Romeo last season and thought he was fantastic. He was my favourite Romeo actually. (I also saw Cote and Antonijevik) It felt like there wasn't a single moment that he was on stage when he wasn't 100% Romeo. Too bad he can't be with NBoC all the time!
  3. Dancers from the same company have won before (Jaimee Tapper and Johan Persson from NBoC for example- don't know if that's the spelling.)
  4. Thought people might like to watch this: http://www.cbc.ca/openingnight featuring Guillaume Cote. Don't know if I did that right, but it's on CBC at 9:00pm I believe.
  5. Sorry my ignorance here. A quick search didn't show anything (though I may have done it worng) so thought I'd ask for people to just post what they know of this event. And specifically, what is the pre-competitive division like? Thanks!
  6. Song of the Earth wasn't for me. Then again, neither was Elite Syncopations. I have no intellectually stimulating reason why, I guess they're just not my taste. This was a bit of a tough program for the friend who accompanied me. Maybe not a good choice for a first-timer. Oops on my part!
  7. I'd love to see all the casts, but I'm sure that won't be possible.
  8. argh! I just saw spelling errors in my post. I HATE that.
  9. I too strongly dislike heights - looking "waaaaay down" makes me feel as though I might be sick on the head of someone below. I'm extrememly nervous that I will never be able to sit in the floor level seats in this building due to price, not to mention that those seats would sell quickly to a popular show. My season's tickets are ring 3 (or is it 4?) Anyway, reading your impressions was informative. I just hope that this wonderful new Opera House with so much too offer doesn't end up being something of a let down to people due to some of the little issues...
  10. I'll have to add Bravo to my cable package so that I can watch/tape this!!
  11. Perhpas the "demi soloist" title is equiliant the the "second soloist" here at NBoC
  12. hee hee. Very funny to see who is in the line up. Mario Lopez took dance classes as a child - I'm assuming it was the ballet/tap/jazz type of scenerio. I vaguely remember him doing a bit of a ballet number on "Saved by the Bell" back in the day.
  13. I had a sweet little orange kitty named Minou. Alas, she didn't live long (only 8 months.) She seemed to think she was a dog...would come when you whistled, would sit pretty for a treat, would play fetch, and best of all...would "do ballet." This was a bit of a variation on sit pretty with the addition of a few steps on hind legs to make about 3/4 of a turn. Quite cute. Had she had a longer life, my other half and I are confident she would have been about to do a "double" within a few months! She was wonderful.
  14. I've always wondered where Kimberly Glasco ended up after the whole law suit mess. Did she dance elsewhere? A quick search on the net mostly brought up old news, so any suggestions for articles that are not 10 years old would be appreciated.
  15. It's official - no summer performances are planned. I emailed to ask and received a reply to let me know what we've all already surmised.
  16. Ha ha! I saw RWB Dracula a few years ago. I went to it thinking it would be creepy, but it just seemed corny - so I was quite disappointed. The gargoyle's looked ridiculous with their bot-bellied costumes (I know that's what gargoyle's are actually like, but come on!) The be-heading scene was corny beyond belief. Ah well. Plus, the evening I saw it there was no orchestra, which really stunk. I now know to check into that detail before buying tickets to RWB when they are on tour.
  17. And it also turns out my library has this one! Thanks everyone.
  18. Anyone know if there is a video available with the Grand Pas Classique on it? I've tried to search the internet but haven't found anything. Maybe my search technique aren't all that great. Anyway, suggestions are appreciated.
  19. Boo hiss. I was afraid that it might not be on. I guess I can always hope that they are a bit late with their promotions. It took me several years to get my act together and actually make it to Ballet/Water, and just as I get it together it seems it may not be on. I really miss the ballet between May and November. The August event was just enough to give me my fix.
  20. Shoot...here I was hoping to find that there is a DVD of the Cranko version out there somewhere. Seeing as this thread is old, maybe things have changed since??
  21. I ask the same question. Ignorance is the first thought that comes to mind.
  22. Can't help with an opinion of 5th ring as I was in 4th ring as well. First row so didn't need to worry about heads etc. I did find the silver railing a bit distracting. Maybe I need my eyes tested or something, but I still prefer to sit in Orchestra where I can see faces. With subscriber rush being 50% off as opposed to a flat rate anywhere in the theatre, I wonder if I'm going to have much opportunity to sit closer during the upcoming season. My season's tickets are in one of the rings (forget which one.) Did anyone who sat in Orchestra post what they thought? Let me look back...
  23. Very well put. Mmm. I agree - I can almost taste that...
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