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  1. Hi, Does anyone know if the Bolshoi is touring late this year or 2006/2007? If so, are they planning a downtown Los Angeles Music Center and/or Orange County engagement? Will Nikolai Fadeyechev be with the company as ballet master and will Alexander Kopylov be conducting at any of the performances? Also, what other cities will they be touring in the US? If not in the US, does anyone know when/where they'll be touring outside of Russia? Thank you, witchava
  2. Thanks for the replies, people. Now that their visit to Orange County has begun, I'm wondering if anyone now knows if Nikolai Fadeyechev or Alexander Kopylov are with the company at these performances? Or possibly if anyone would know how I could actually get the info. I'm not sure info down to the detail level of ballet master/coach is actually made generally public, though I would expect conductors to be relatively easy to find. At any rate, I'm still looking for the info, so if anyone stumbles across it, please drop a note here. Thanks. Marie
  3. Hi, I am hoping someone familiar with the Bolshoi tours can answer these somewhat obscure questions for me. They are in regards to the current (American) tour, more specifically their performances in California at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. First, I'd like to know if Nicolai Fedeyechev is coaching on this tour, or otherwise present in the company. Second, I am wondering if anyone knows if conductor Alexander Kopylov is conducting the orchestra for any of the performances? If so, which performances? I've tried getting this info directly from the folks at bolshoi.ru, but I h
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