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  1. My daughter and I will be there, Clara76, at the Sunday matinee performance. We can't wait to see the company perform outside of Columbus!
  2. perky, I'm glad you made it to the performance. I was there today, too. Maybe we sat next to each other and didn't even know it! I also enjoyed the performance, especially "Rubies" and the end of "Diamonds", with the stage completely filled with dancers. It was my first Balanchine ballet, and I was proud of myself for being able to see some of the characteristics that made it Balanchine style, or technique, or whatever it is that the thread on the Parent's Board was trying to categorize. Bravo to BalletMet and Cincinnati Ballet for a great collaboration.
  3. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of watching 2 SFB dancers at the Gala of International Ballet Stars here in Ohio. Kristin Long and Joan Boada performed "Le Corsaire" pas de deux, and I can honestly say that the audience was spellbound. Having never had the opportunity to see any dancers from this company, I envy those of you that are lucky enough to see them on a regular basis. Joan Boada seemed to defy gravity with his leaps, and Kristin Long had us all mesmerized with her fouettes and turns. They got a well-deserved standing ovation!
  4. BalletMet's website does not state who Jewels is staged by, but it is a collaboration with the Cincinnati Ballet and will include dancers from both companies. As for the Ohio Theatre, the absolute best seats in the house are in the loge, and they are, of course, the most expensive! I prefer to sit in the orchestra section, from about 8 to 15 rows back. I don't think the front rows are the best because it is difficult to see the dancer's feet. The front mezzanine is also good, but you cannot see faces all that well. Any seat in the Ohio Theatre has a good view except for the extreme side sections. Good luck with your babysitter - I am very anxious to see Jewels, too!
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