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  1. Compania Nacional de Danza's Don Quixote with Maria Kochetkova and Joaquin de Luz, choreographed by Jose Martinez. Will be available till May 3rd.
  2. National Ballet of Japan will stream 2 works, from May 1st to 8th MacMillan’s Manon (with Vadim Muntagirov as Des Grieux) and from 8th to 15th Don Quixote, both has the fabulous Yui Yonezawa as Manon and Kitri. https://www.nntt.jac.go.jp/english/news/all/nntt-at-home.html
  3. Many (like one-third) of the company members at Bayerische Staatsballett left when Igor Zelensky came, and also one-third of the company left at English National Ballet after Tamara Rojo arrived. And for smaller companies such as Karlsruhe in Germany, almost all dancers left the company because the repertoire changed largely, from classical to modern works with the change in directorship from Birgit Kail to Bridget Breiner.
  4. Many good dancers at Vienna State Ballet are moving on . Madison Young (originally from Utah) moves to Bayerische Staatsballett, James Stevens to Royal Danish Ballet, Scott McKenzie to National Ballet of Canada and so on. (about a half of the company members are leaving)
  5. Star Dancers Ballet, one of leading Japanese ballet companies will stream "Ballet Dragon Quest" based on the popular role-playing video game, from Friday 24th (Japan time 20:00, 13 hours time difference from US east coast time) for a limited time. The video was recorded at Japan Expo 2019 in Paris and is a 40 minute version. It is a highly entertaining ballet and a popular repertoire for them .
  6. Here is Noism (a contemporary ballet company based in Niigata, Japan lead by choreographer and former NDT2/Gothenberg Ballet Jo Kanamori). with their ASU. They have been invited to the Diaghilev Festival and Sibiu Festival. https://vimeo.com/396105876
  7. Thank you volcanohunter for posting Japanese performances. Another Japanese ballet company post is Nutcracker by NBA Ballet, by their AD Koichi Kubo. (former Colorado Ballet principal). Massimo Acri as Drosselmeyer is father to Royal Ballet First Soloist Luca Acri.
  8. Obituary on Step's website. https://www.stepsnyc.com/faculty/bio/Wilhelm-Burmann/
  9. Yes you are right. It is especially a difficult time for artists in Japan especially ballet dancers. The only two companies that pay dancers regular salary is National Ballet of Japan and K-Ballet Company, and even the dancers from the 2 companies have low pay if they are not participating in performances. There are many ballet companies that are private and some don't receive public funding at all so they have to pay huge cancellation fee for the venues they have rented, they staff they employed and so on. So I am afraid some companies might have to disband. The government are NOT going to offer any help for art sectors affected by the coronavirus situation, or the people who work there, many are freelance artists/staff.
  10. A touching tribute from Alexandre Hammoudi
  11. Official announcement on Dresden Semperoper Ballet.
  12. Confirmed on Legris's Instagram. https://www.lastampa.it/spettacoli/palcoscenico/2020/02/18/news/manuel-legris-e-il-nuovo-direttore-del-corpo-di-ballo-della-scala-1.38484973
  13. I can't believe they are inviting Guillaume Cote of National Ballet of Canada to Swan Lake, he is such a sloppy and overrated dancer...
  14. And Northern Ballet will be bringing "Geisha" by Kenneth Tindall soon in March as a world premiere. It seems a Japanese dancer is featured in the title role but I am afraid this doesn't seem to reflect the actual Geisha culture in Japan. https://northernballet.com/geisha
  15. Japan's K-Ballet Company premiered their Madama Butterfly last fall. There were mixed reactions to this piece but they tried to eliminate the awkwardness that many Japanese audience might feel, such as the westernized fantasies of the Japanese Geisha. https://youtu.be/ZqL6morcC_c
  16. In this listing, Shapran's name is still listed, and she is scheduled to dance in Legend of Love on May 20th. https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/company/ballet/troupe
  17. But the London audience wants to see Svetlana Lunkina. I agree Vanstone / Frola will be very good but other than them (and of course Dronina is fabulous, but not sure she will recover by then) how uninspiring and the audience would be very disappointed.
  18. Star Dancers Ballet of Japan has staged The Green Table last year which was so successful that they are going to perform it again this February. They also did a whole evening dedicated to Tudor, including The Leaves are Fading, Lilac Garden, Romeo and Juliet pas de deux and Pillar of Fire.
  19. It is true that there is not so much "ballet" in this documentary but the small La Bayadere rehearsal scene with Makarova and Nunez is valuable and also the modern part and Osipova's many confessions are very interesting. Especially how she rehearses Arther Pita's work The Mother and also Cherkaoui's Medusa are thrilling and knowing how her passion comes through (how she was not happy at the Bolshoi) are quite eye-opening.
  20. I agree with you Christian. Bayadere is everything. I remember seeing the Nureyev version at Paris Opera Ballet a few years ago, in the Millepied era, he insisted of avoiding the blackface of the children at the Bronze Idol sequence so all the children were without tanning makeup. it did not look strange at all.
  21. I agree Viktor Lebedev is a beautiful, fabulous and elegant dancer, and although Mikhailovsky Ballet is a good company I do miss him at Mariinsky, he should have been glorious there with more international exposure. I don't think he is not on the shorter side (of course not as tall as Yermakov), he has long, lean lines and suited for many roles. I saw him in La Fille mal Gardee in St Petersburg a couple of years ago which was a warm, lovely performance and look forward seeing him in Duato's Sleeping Beauty during their Japan tour later this month.
  22. Volcanohunter's views are completely the same that I think. What an uninspiring, boring company is the current NBoC. She has been in the company for too long and almost every new creation is a disaster regarding quality. The roster is also very poor.
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