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  1. It is very curious to see how the Royal Ballet dancers will perform Pite’s The Statement, as it was such an intense and mind-blowing experience to see it performed by Netherlands Dans Theatre when they toured Japan 2 years ago. 

  2. National Ballet of Japan’s Coppelia by Roland Petit streaming dates are announced. They will live stream all 4 casts.

    The streaming is free of charge but no archives will be provided.


    Dates: May 2nd, 4th, 5th and 8th at 14:00 JST.
    (US EAST COAST TIME 1:00am I guess) 

    an online booklet and link to the stream will be provided later, and they will stream on their YouTube channel and Facebook. 


    2 May 14:00
    Swanilda: YONEZAWA Yui
    Franz: IZAWA Shun
    Coppelius: NAKAJIMA Syunya

    4 May 14:00
    Swanilda: KIMURA Yuri
    Franz: FUKUOKA Yudai
    Coppelius: YAMAMOTO Ryuji

    5 May 14:00
    Swanilda: IKEDA Risako
    Franz: OKUMURA Kosuke
    Coppelius: NAKAJIMA Syunya

    8 May 14:00
    Swanilda: ONO Ayako
    Franz: WATANABE Takafumi
    Coppelius: YAMAMOTO Ryuji

    I will recommend the first cast on May 2nd but other casts will be good as well. 

  3. Japan has declared a state of emergency for the 3rd time in major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo.

    Therefore, almost all performances were cancelled within a day's notice. 

    There was a family ballet festival called Ueno no Mori Ballet Holiday scheduled next weekend but sadly this was cancelled, so the festival went online and there are several offerings provided. 


    such as Tokyo Ballet's Giselle (excerpt)

    Asami Maki Ballet's Paquita 



    Asami Maki Ballet's Raymonda act 3



    Inoue Ballet's Nutcracker in full



    Also National Ballet of Japan's Coppelia by Roland Petit performances were cancelled, but they are planning to have a streaming of the performance without audience for free, so I will add information later. 

  4. NBA Ballet's CInderella, choreographed by Johan Kobborg, Akane Takada of Royal Ballet in the title role. This work premiered in February this year, and initially Francesca Hayward was supposed to be in the title role but because of travel restrictions, she was replaced by Takada. Not the full length but  a 29minutes long highlights. 


  5. Navirella is based on a Korean comic and the comic itself is fabulous, it makes me cry reading each episode. Gradually the reason why this 70 year old man is starting ballet at this age is revealed. (it will be a spoiler so I won't write but some readers might assume) The message of this story is so wonderful that you can still be beautiful by practicing ballet even if you are not going to be professional or are old or having handicaps. 

    It is curious that most of the family members are not supportive of this man, so this story is something like a Billy Elliot old man version. 

  6. English National Ballet has commented very early.

    Misty Copeland was one of the first to comment.


    and a lot of dancers from Royal Ballet has paid tribute, as well as Manuel Legris (on his instagram story)

    Scarlett was from the class of 2005 at Royal Ballet school that has many talents, such as Xander Parish, Joseph Caley, Thomas Foster, Alexander Jones, William Moore, Aaron Robison. 

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