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  1. Is Sophie Flack back on the NYCB roster?
  2. The costumes and design reminded very much of "The Green Table" a very old ballet which has been done by ABT as well as Joffrey. I am surprised that no one commented on how the designs and costumes were copies from The Green Table. Any others out there have the same thoughts?
  3. Is it acceptable to drink water from a bottle at a performance? Should one "unscrew" the cap before or during the performance? Is it acceptable to eat a fig newton during a performance?
  4. What is so controversial about Gillian Murphy pointe shoes? Are there pictures of her shoes and the "regular" shoes?
  5. Besides being a great dancer, I have met Lauren and her parents. All are very down to earth... very nice people. And as you can imagine, her parents are very proud of their daughter.
  6. Off Topic: Does anyone know what the following expression means? "No Dust, No Feathers" or is it "No Down, No Feathers"
  7. Where do the expressions "Merde" and "No Dust, No Feathers" come from? Are these expressions still used today by Ballet dancers?
  8. Where do the expressions "Merde" and "No Dust, No Feathers" come from? Are these expressions still used today by Ballet dancers?
  9. Does anyone have the program for the Friday night Gala? Is anyone going and is it worth while to go Friday night?
  10. Has anyone else in additional to Carbro been to past years events and is it worth while to go Friday night? Thanks.
  11. Is there a list some where of the dancers that were let go from NYCB and ABT? Can you please give the site? Thank you.
  12. What kind of smile did Gillian give after her curtain call with Ethan? Was it her typical smile or something special?
  13. I have not seen either DSCH or Scotch Symphony. Can anyone recommend either or both of these, or should I go across the plaza and see Gillian Murphy in Allegro Brilliante on May 22nd?
  14. Mr. Reed, When Miami City Ballet and Nederland Dans come to Chicago will the different times also do different programs, e.g., Program A and B as MCB did in NYC or will they all be the same? Thanks. Allegromezzo
  15. Ballettalk.com is fantastic for Ballet. Does Opera have a similar bulletin board and if yes, what is the address or where is it located? Thank you for responding.
  16. Miami City Ballet will be in New York at City Center in January. How does MCB compare to the San Francisco Ballet and NY City Ballet? Is it worth seeing them? The program for NYC indicates that they will be doing alot of Balachine Ballets. Thanks.
  17. As I am sure you all know there are many Balanchine ballets where the ladies have hair "buns" in the beginning but at the end have long beautiful hair. Is the hair real or do many of the ladies wear wigs? Thank you in advance for responding for you that know.
  18. How do you think Darci Bussell or Gillian Murphy compare with Bouder or Sylvie? Would they be able to do NYCB/Balanchine ballets?
  19. No one mentioned how Maria K compares with Bouder or Sylve. How does she compare? I am not an expert, but I think she is very good.
  20. What can we add to Treefrog? Actually not much. We also saw the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday night performances. The Harris was SRO on Tuesday but there were lots of seats open on Thursday. We were lucky Saturday night because we have permanent seats for Summer concerts so we were close enough to see expressions on the dancers faces. Kepley, Goodman and Wilkins were great at all the performances. Off to NY to see the final weekend of City Ballet, but Joffrey did a really great job and got alot of exposure to people who ordinarily do not see Ballet. Also attend a panel discussion wednesday afternoon with some of the previous dancers of Joffrey and were telling stories of the old days with Mr. Joffrey. Did you know that Kevin McKenzie danced with the Joffrey?
  21. Julianne and Jennifer were both great on Tuesday night at the Harris. Are they both performing on Thursday night at the Harris? I would love to see Jennifer and Julianne perform Twarp's in the Upper Room with Philip Glass music. Be Well. Mezzo :huepfen024:
  22. We saw the performances last night 6/13 at the Harris theater. It was great. One or two questions, please. Is Jennifer Goodman the dancer with the short red straight hair and J. Kepley a little taller with blond, kind of curley hair? I got them mixed up and would like to know who is who. Both were great although I would have like to see both of them do more dancing on pointe. Be Well, Thanks. Mezzo
  23. Feaful Symmetries with music of John Adams. Has anyone seen this Martins ballet? What did you think of the dancing? Is it slow or fast pace? Is it worth seeing? Thanks. Mezzo
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