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  1. Thank you, bart! Petr is actually the best partner in our theatre. All girls are really happy when thet got to dance with him!
  2. Hi there! A bit belated but I join your discussion about Borchenko siblings. I adore this duet and I'm lucky to watch them every time they dance, because I live in Minsk. So, I know a lot about them and if you are interested in some information, I can provide. For example, if you wish to attend their performance I can inform you on when and help with tickets and lodging! Moreover, I've come across their video on YouTube. Search "Minsk Ballet" for a Giselle clip.
  3. Lucky you are to go there! The city is absolutely amazing and gorgeous!!!!! I'm a bit envious!... So I advise you to hop out at subway station Gorkovskaya and on foot move to the Nevsky it means that you should go along Kamennoostrovsky avenue, then cross the Troitsky bridge (terrific view from that bridge - Petropavlovskaya fortress, Vasilievsky island, Zimnij Palace...) So you cross the river along the Troitsky bridge and you are against the Marsovo Pole - a large square full of greenery, where some youth lay on the grass if the weather is hot. If you don't approach Marsovo Pole and turn t
  4. Hi guys! Need your answer- do you think its possible to hire an agent for a ballerina to help her find a job? Mostly interested in Europe. I tried to search through the Net but it's very difficult. Probably anyone has used the services of an agent? The girl is a prima-ballerina.
  5. Moreover, guys, the sit is still under construction! Later on there will be more, much more pics and videos also!!
  6. Thank you so much, Amy!! I will tell this to the designers for sure! And sorry everyone for such a stupid mistake Dunno how it happened that I didn't notice it...
  7. Thank you, Helene! Hope, the site will really raise discussions!
  8. http://www.balet.by/?lang=ENG wow, guys! They've done an English version of Belarussian Ballet site!!! Visit it and comment please! There you cn see pics, playbill and mane other things! So you're welcome!
  9. http://thsun1.jinr.ru/~smond/forum/Ivan/Ivan_DQs.mpg here you can download a video of Ivan Vasiliev, Moscow International Competition winner(junior) in DQ(Basil)
  10. 2 Canary I'm so glad you're interested in Belarussian Opera! Of cource? there is such a company! When a child I was singing in a musical studio within this company? we performed a lot of plays for children and that was really cool! The feeling of being on the stage of the most famous theatre in the country! That's even difficult to express! there we took up singing professionally and I even took classes for a year from a very-very respectable teacher of our Conservatoire, so to say one of the founders of our singing school. You see, belarussain opera shcool is young - it started at the begin
  11. Hi everyone! Here are Some new Photos! Among them fabulous couple Borchenko in The Swan Lake http://b.foto.radikal.ru/0601/f8527f501883.jpg http://a.photofile.ru/album.php?id=1143727 Share your impressions!
  12. Here is a link where you can see some pics of Belarussian ballet. I'm a "pure non-professional' in the field of photo and loading them on site, that is why... Sorry in advance! :blush: They are very few but still... It's just my first attempt to help you find out more about this company!
  13. Tell me please, is it possible to post photos within my message on the forum? Like: I write a description and then place a photo and then again?
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