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  1. Yeah, "balletmeester" just means ballet master. I don't know why they call it "rehearsal director" in the English version, considering "ballet master" is commonly used and also what they called it when he was in this position at ABT. I thought it was a rather remarkable career move, so that's why I used the "dunno" emoticon. It makes sense though if he's still with Lydia Harmsen. She's Dutch, and according to the website of the Spanish Diagrama Producciones she currently works for them from Amsterdam.
  2. I think this tour is especially nice for the non-frequent visitors: it seems to be a nice pick from recent and forthcoming shows, showcasing what they've got. But since all these are in other performances as well, I'm just gonna see those in good ol' Amsterdam... Is anyone by the way planning on going to "Partners" on Oct 30th or Nov 6th? I'm not sure yet, but it does sound intriguing. From the website:
  3. Oh my gosh the E-mail notification must not be working, all this talk going on here (finally! ) and I didn't even know about it! Anyway, Ed: sorry I didn't respond, I didn't read the thread. But I hope Helene's post got you interested? The fourth choreography will be Balanchine's Square Dance, which I think they haven't done before. Mireille: Thank you for telling us about the Montreal performance!!! Actually she's not just doing guest appearences, she's officially a DNB principal again! According to the DNB website: I wonder how that's gonna work out, as far as I know it's a first in Ballet history. It is! (She's been here since she was only 16, so it does make sense...)
  4. I've read he'll be working for the DNB this season as a Ballet Master.
  5. By the way the season has ended now (for most companies I guess), and it will be a long long time before DNB performs in Amsterdam again. They will take part in Edinburgh Festival in September and Dansersfonds '79's Balletgala in October. I think the first "regular" performance here in the Muziektheater isn't until November! Cathy
  6. J.S Bach's cello-suite nr. 6 was used for "Solo for Jahn". Yesterday was Nathalie Caris' last performance. She did Wayne Eagling's "Duet" with Altin Alexandros Kaftira. It was beautiful, but I think it was less emotional than Jahn's last performance. Don't know why. Maybe because this choreography wasn't written for this occasion specifically and did therefore not embody the "dramatic premises" of celebrating a beautiful career and leaving it behind. Or maybe I was just in a different mood...
  7. I just got back from Ballet Now. Tonight was Jahn Magnus Johansen's last performance! ;( Krzysztof Pastor made a special solo for him, which Jahn danced at the very end of the evening, right after he'd already given us the most touching performance of The Grey Area I've ever seen...! It was very sad but very, very beautiful! It literally brought tears to my eyes... We're SO gonna miss him...
  8. Sorry to be so rude to break into your conversation like this, but I didn't even know Belgium had a German speaking region! And I live right next door... :blush:
  9. I walk in the place and security measures are increased! But potential posters shouldn't hesitate because of this, the rest of us can't see your "real" data anyway, and it's nice when you think about it, the board will be even safer this way! Viviane: Thanks so much for stopping by and posting a message! I was just reading the Flanders thread, how very nice to "meet" you! Cathy
  10. Hi! A very quick response from me: To all of you out there: it takes about 50 seconds to register, and you don't need to supply any information you don't want to supply! So don't be afraid, register and let us hear your voice! To Alexandra and Bart: thanks for stopping by this otherwise rather lonesome thread... Yes it is! I'll probably go see Ballet Now tomorrow! Cathy
  11. Thank you Carbro! I feel much more welcome now! My first post was like walking into a room, finding it empty, and asking a question in the silence anyway... So what shall I say about everything going on here... A few months ago they just blew me away with a new production: an adaption of Mozart's Don Giovanni! It was beautiful, exciting and SEXY! I hope they'll keep it in their repertoire, and preferably even take it abroad so you can all see it! Then in March/April they celebrated some ballet "pioneers" with Balanchine's Symphony in C, a poignant new choreography by Hans van Manen called Frank Bridge Variations (to the music of Britten's Variations on the theme of Frank Bridge), and William Forsythe's The Second Detail. I don't know how much recognition Van Manen gets overseas, but I think he's fantastic. His choreographies bring such a rare, powerful physicality to ballet! This one was beautiful and rather dark, with grasping grim atmosphere (but sort of happy end, even though it wasn't "a story" as such) that truly made it an experience to watch. After that, part of the company went to Canada doing several choreographies including Carmen, and the other part toured the Netherlands with "Feest". Unfortunately I wasn't in the opportunity to visit either one. And next is "Ballet Now", showing (in their own words) the current "state of ballet". I will go see it next week, so I can't say anything about that yet. It's sad though, because it marks the departure of two fantastic, experienced principals: Jahn Magnus Johansen and Nathalie Caris. So I guess that's all the latest. But I don't understand, the counter says over 60 people viewed my message, but nobody replied. So appearently none of you live in Amsterdam or ever visit the Dutch National Ballet? Then who are you all? Was my subject description confusing (so you found out only after reading it that it didn't apply to you), or are you just curious about Amsterdam, or the Dutch National Ballet, or what? Don't be shy, let me know! If there's anything you want to ask, just post it. I might not know it either, but maybe I do. And if anyone's seen "Feest" or the Canada show (surely they weren't performing for empty theatres there?), please tell me about it! Cathy
  12. Hi, I just found my way to the site, and found absolutely nobody here! This part of the site has been dead for more than a year! Where are you all? Cathy
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