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  1. The Seasons is previewed in the Peoria Journal Star. http://m.pjstar.com/article/20150306/Entertainment/150309478
  2. An update to the happenings at Peoria Ballet. http://m.pjstar.com/article/20141206/Entertainment/141209457
  3. Forty years of tradition and holiday cheer by Laura Vernaci
  4. Once again Kansas City Ballet is overlooked in the LINKS forum. Here The Nutcracker is reviewed in the Kansas City Star. A Slideshow as well. (Please note that the Spanish lead couple is Ian Poulis and Sarah Walborn, last minute casting change.)
  5. KC Independent: REVIEW: KCB OPENS SEASON WITH AMBITIOUS ‘CARMINA,’ TWO OTHER WORKS KC Metropolis: Passion, resolve, and accord KC Stage: Not Always about the Title Piece The Pitch: The Kansas City Ballet: Carmina Burana
  6. I am not sure where you are getting your information from, but much of it appears to happen extremely rarely or not at all. I can only recall one time when I was dancing and a fellow dancer got injured and "word of mouth" was used to replace that dancer for a one shot deal, not a company contract. I still have to send out my resume, make calls and take class. In my 10+ years dancing and over 22 years in the dance world, I have never heard someone getting a job by word of mouth. I also am perturbed by your generalization of the college dance system. I have cited several examples and I will reiterate that the college system is not what it once was 10 years ago. To say that someones technique is what it is before entering into a college program is offensive to several of my friends. Had it not been for college programs, several of my friends would not have jobs. And I am a classical ballet dancer that dances contemporary and modern dance. Thank you HELENE for backing me up on this.
  7. I wouldn't say that. I've known many good dancers come out of college programs. Colleges are starting to give a lot better training than they used to in just the last 10 years. A friend of mine was a soloist level dancer from a college program in a prominent southwest company. Several dancers in a midwestern company that are being picked as soloists and principals are from several college programs. I think that is an unfair general comment and may have been true 10 years ago. Word of mouth? Not sure where you got that information either. You still have to audition and I've been a professional for over 10 years and still get picked at the open auditions. Just recently I was asked to join 3 companies from open auditions.
  8. I met him at a book signing when I was a wee little lad after I saw The Martian Chronicles miniseries from the library. I also read the books and have two signed items from him. He was very welcoming and somewhere in that memory box of mine, I have a picture with him.
  9. I think I made it very clear in my first post that I am not happy with how the dancers were portrayed. We received enough damage, as dancers, from Black Swan, and now we have to put up with this show making us look infantile. (Can you tell yet that I am upset with this show?) It would have been great for Ballet West to sign on for a project like this with PBS or Ovation. It would have at least been taken seriously. Remember when A&E and Bravo used to show arts all the time, it would be great for them to get a show like this and bring it back to true reality. CW just wants the drama, but now I have to go to everyone that asks me on the street if that is what it is really like. I had to do it with Black Swan and now I have to do it with this show. OY!
  10. Completely over-produced, dancers put in random conversations with each other, discussions during class that would never happen to the extent of what really happens. The whole opening segment was utterly ridiculous, the statements were overly generalized and does not reflect what every dancer feels. While is was nice to see some of my friends on the screen, in the background, I think I will pass on the next couple of weeks. It was shot very a la The Hills on MTV. I think the only saving grace of the show was the principal female dancer that basically told it how it is. If CW wanted to do a show about ballet, just sit back and watch the real life ballet unfold and just be quiet and do not set up the conversations. There has been enough reality TV over the last 15 years that we at home know how it works now. First Position, is how it should have been shot. Very well done and fantastic storytelling by letting it just happen. Merde to my friends and peers at Ballet West. But I think I will pass on this show.
  11. Kathi E. B. Ellis reviews the Louisville Ballet for it's Studio Connections in studio performance.
  12. During my time with Ballet Met, the Alice in Wonderland that was created was to all Elgar.
  13. I am glad Colbert turned it serious for a few moments because David is such an awesome guy. I had the pleasure of dancing with David during my time in Ballet Arizona and you could not meet a more humble guy. I think the pas de trois they did together was tasteful and not over the top. It made me laugh and anytime Hallberg is performing, it is always a high point in dance.
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