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  1. I too want to add my regrets at not being able to see Jackie Reyes at ABT anymore. She always captured the essence of the character whether a member of the corps or a brief solo appearance. She will be missed.
  2. Really enjoyed Saturday afternoon's mixed programs. Gillian Murphy and Herman Cornejo were brilliant in their Company B solos. Murphy drew you in to her character which made her performance particularly touching. I also enjoyed Fancy Free and unlike a previous post found Radetsky.Lopez and Simkin very well matched. I always find Radetsky's performances strong but understated rarely bringing attention to himself Lopez turned in a fine performance greatly attuned to the other dancers. Simkin who never ceases to amaze blended in perfectly. All in all, three very different dancers but each in
  3. After being perfectly captivated by Murphy's fantastic technique and Hallberg' perfect Prince Charming on Friday night, I surely thought I had seen THE Cinderella of the season. I was completely unprepared for Abrera's astonishing portrayal on Saturday night. Cote was a tremendous asset in his partnering giving Abrera every opportunity to give the performance of her career. Time to move on to bigger and better roles as a Principal.
  4. Congratulations to the five new soloists, all well deserved. My only disappointment was that I thought Isaac Stappas would be added to this group. Hopefully next time.
  5. I just want to second Zerbinetta's praise for Reyes. I had seen Vishneva in the role and while dazzled by her technical proficiency was left cold by her characterization. At the Wednesday matinee I was very touched by Reyes complete performance. Perhaps she doesn't have the dazzle of Vishneva which is not a criticism, for I feel Vishneva has a tendency to overdo things especially in the use of her arms. but what Reyes does in her interpretation is make you care about the character. At the end of Romeo and Juliet you felt you had seen a truly great performance.
  6. It's great to see Reyes receive the kudos she so rightly deserves. I also agree with Zerbinetta that Erica Cornejo was wonderful in Rodeo but you did not experience the heartbreak of the character that was so brilliantly displayed by Reyes.
  7. I am surprised there is nothing on the ABT website acknowledging the passing of one of its greatest dancers.
  8. Yes it was the Herrara/Dvorovenko role.
  9. Oops sorry, I realize I omitted one of my very favorite performances of a corps member. the bravura performance of Craig Salstein in Rodeo. His joyous tap dancing was truly a high point of the season.
  10. There were many peak moments but what really impressed me was how great members of the corps were as they were given the chance to shine in individual roles. In addition to the aforementioned Hee Seo in Dark Elegies. there was Arron Scott in Gong and In the Upper Room. Kelly Boyd in Rodeo and The Green Table. Jared Matthews in Rodeo, Isaac Stappas in The Green Table and Rodeo and the astonishing performance of Sarah Lane in The Upper Room.
  11. Colleen, I agree with you that Julio Bragado Young did stand out as the profiteer in The Green Table. I also thought another stand out was Kelly Boyd as the young girl. I was fortunate to see both Stappas and Hallberg in The Green Table. Their performances were very different but equally powerful. Stappas' Death was more humanized than Hallbergs. He used his eyes to threaten and to menace. Hallberg's portrayal was more like an automaton. Someone not of this world and even more to be feared than Stappas. I also enjoyed seeing Erica Cornejo and Xiomara Reyes as the Cowgirl in Rodeo. Er
  12. One of the finest recitals of a soprano I have ever attended was Aprile Millo at Brooklyn College many years ago. She is still capable of extraordinary singing. I am sorry to miss the opportunity of hearing her at Carnegie Hall but admire her for upholding her standards as for what she feels is suitable for her voice. Brava!
  13. Marcelo Gomes remains conspicuously absent from ABT's City Center casting. Hope he has recovered from injury he suffered in Japan
  14. Add Reyes to the list of great Giselles this season. Her musicality, interpretive skills, and and her ability to convey emotion through dance are unsurpassed. Corella's was once again the ideal partner. The other standout was Stappas who was suitably slimy and frightening as Hilarion.
  15. It was indeed a very special evening. There was an edge to everyone's dancing, as Stiefel, Murphy, Radetsky were exemplary in their roles. McKerrow gave a hauntingly beautiful performance as Giselle, one that will linger in the memory for many years to come.
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