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  1. Anyone know who this dancer is? Easily once of the sexiest.
  2. He was a guest dancer at Ballet Etudes in Connecticut, Newark in 2008 for The nutcracker. I think he's from NYC Ballet but I don't recognize him. Can someone here put a name to the face? dancer dancer pic 2
  3. I'm going to a ballet performing at the Orange County performing arts center. It's a matinee showing of Swan Lake. So what should I wear that's appropriate? I heard that in California, you can be as casual as you want as long as you don't wear jeans and printed T-shirt. I'm thinking maybe khakis and a polo shirt.
  4. Whatever happened to Zoltan Solymosi? Very little info on him about where he is dancing or if he is still dancing. A lot on his brother though. I remember seeing Zoltan with Durante for the Sleeping Beauty. He is an impossibly gorgeous man. One more to add to the list: Rock star handsome Will Kemp
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