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  1. Yes, California, please send us reports! Why didn't they let her do this in NYC? A role so beautifully suited to her talent and temperament.
  2. Good question. I thoroughly enjoyed the performances of Manon at the Met season -- that is, except for this pas de deux, which I find to be a mildly amusing joke carried way too far. To take it out of context is to is to rob it of any humor it has, and otherwise I don't know what the point is. But I look forward to any further reviews, Art!
  3. I had the same thought about Stappas and another favorite of mine, Renata Pavam. As to Hee Seo, she's still very young, I think (just joined the corps like a year ago?), so she'll get a chance later on. Now we can all wonder what's happening with the principal dancer situation and if there will be any promotions there. I'm kind of hoping they'll bring back Erica Cornejo as a principal...
  4. Excellent and very exciting news! I'm so glad about all of them. I thought they might promote two women at most, and assumed it would be Lane and Copeland. I didn't have a lot of hope Boone would make the cut, but I'm thrilled she did, she is an exciting dancer with a marvelous presence. Also very glad about Kajiya; she's not someone I've noticed a lot before but was so lovely in the pas de trois last week. Similarly with Jared Matthews -- really made an impact in that pas de trois, in every respect, dancing, partnering, assured, and good looks never hurt either!
  5. Herrera/Corella/Saveliev ... Herrera just doesn't do it for me, I guess. I've avoided her in the past few seasons, but decided to try her out again, based on the reviews she got this season (including the New Yorker asking, "Is she in love?"). But I won't be doing that again. For technique, give me Gillian Murphy, who does what Herrera does, but in a more precise, crystalline, and committed manner; and for interpretation, give me anyone else. Loved Corella. Saveliev doesn't do it for me as von Rothbart either. Would have greatly preferred Hallberg or Gomes. Sarah Lane (pdt) is a lovely dancer, but that bright and artificial smile is getting on my nerves. As Princess Florine in SB, I assumed she'd been coached to smile in that bright way, while always looking upwards, but she did it again tonight, and it distracts from my enjoyment of her dancing! Yuriko Kajiya (also pdt) also smiled to excess in SB, I felt, but tonight was much more natural, and I enjoyed her very much. Hee Seo, as one of the princesses, was outstanding. She is having a great season, and I look forward to more. So my ABT season draws to a close. (I don't need to see Cinderella -- not enough dancing, and I hate to see the ABT talent pool, so impressive, not doing what they can do). My favorite this year: three performances of Manon, and in particular the two with Gomes, Gomes/Kent, and Gomes/Vishneva. I look forward to City Center!
  6. Thanks for those priceless emoticons, carbro! They convey more than words can about the reaction to this news!
  7. I totally agree, Balanchinette! Murphy has just rocketed to the top of my must-see list. She's always been a joy to watch for her technique, but tonight she added two qualities I never expected to see in her, depth and lyricism! Thank you Gillian!!! And while I've seen her fouettes before and been dazzled, I've never seen ANYTHING like what she pulled off tonight! She perhaps overdid it -- let's call it fouette overkill -- and had to come out of it a tad early, perhaps due to the sheer excitement of what she'd pulled off. I know I could hardly breathe. Both she and Hallberg pulled off final leaps so intense and high it was rather frightening. I was a little worried about how they would land and was relieved to see them looking just fine at the curtain call. And oh, yeah... there were other people on stage too. Let's see -- Jared Matthews as Benno, looking very confident, secure in his technique, and an attentive partner. Very good overall! A future prince? Hee Seo in the pdt was wonderful, someone I look forward to seeing again. She is so crisp and smooth, finding her position easily and holding it like a rock. What I like most of all, though, are those fluid arms and flowing movement. Sarah and Misty must be getting tired of doing those princess roles. I have concluded, however, that Misty has the most beautiful extension of anyone in the company. Veronika Part looking very beautiful in her far-too-brief "big swan" role. Somehow she makes it heartbreaking. What a night! On to Paloma Herrera on Saturday night! I have avoided her over the past few seasons, annoyed with her lackadaisacal performances. She's gotten such good reviews this season, though, that I'm going to try her again. Murphy was the very model of a committed performer tonight, I only hope Paloma gives half as much.
  8. Not a bad prospect, really!! Let's see... Marcelo, Angel, David, HERMAN... all except perhaps one yet in their 20s... this is a problem?
  9. I'd like to know the pd3 casts for ALL WEEK (affects my ticket purchase habits) and I always enjoy Misty! I say this, but after god only knows how many SLs in the past few years, I may be approaching exhaustion.
  10. I can't believe there were no reviews from last night's opening, with... was it Irina/Max/Hallberg? I'm starting the topic with hopes somoene will let us know how it went last night and tonight, with Vishneva/Gomes/not sure who.
  11. Yes, I was wondering whether he would be in line for a promotion too. I don't pay as much attention to the male corps as to the female, but he has stood out to me this season. As to the women, I agree there's a shortage (or impending shortage) of major ballerina talent at the top, which I have trouble understanding how that happened, since there's so much talent at the bottom. Does anyone have any ideas as to how that happened? As to the soloists, my guess is if they were going to promote Part, it would have been in conjunction with SB, and that didn't happen, leaving me wondering what her future with ABT is. Carmen Corella and Maria Riccetto, (from what I've seen anyway) have not gotten wide casting this season -- I don't know if that means they're still in development for promotion down the road, or stuck as perpetual soloists. Abrera has gotten heavy performance time this season, and while I like her in many respects, find her lacking in lyricism and emotional depth. She can do "cold and evil" so convincingly it can freeze your heart in fear, which is great in some roles, but I don't see her doing much else. But in the corps, there are so many girls that look impressive! I don't understand why they don't just promote 2 or 3 or 4 of them already! Why do they promote so stintingly? Am I missing something?
  12. I'm so bummed they aren't doing In the Upper Room! I was prepared to rush out and buy tickets for every performance of it. I'm still dumbfounded from last year's performances.
  13. The program insert on Saturday night said she was injured. I'm wondering about Ethan Stiefel, too, after he was replaced at intermission on Saturday.
  14. ... in 24 hours, Vishneva/Gomes, to Ferri/Bolle. I'm so glad I live in New York! I actually preferred Gomes & Vishneva -- I prefer Vishneva's knowing temptress to Ferri's innocent portrayal, and more particularly, I love Gomes' wild passionate abandon. I'm not complaining about Ferri & Bolle, mind you -- this is an embarrassment of riches. The audience was still going strong tonight, very strong, when I snuck out. There's also the matter of Ethan Steifel -- injured, apparently, in Act I, was replaced with Sascha Radestky. Just when I was reflecting on how great Ethan looked! Hope all is well, Ethan! A few thoughts about what is going on with ABT female soloists. If they're not going to promote Part, I don't know who else is ready to move on up. Abrera (tonight's Mistress) is clearly preferred this season, but not getting principal roles either. Am I missing something -- why don't they try out the corps girls in bigger roles? Wouldn't Kristi Boone or Misty Copeland be great -- really great! -- as Lescaut's mistress? I just sense stagnation at the soloist level, with talent going to waste at the corps level.
  15. I also found the bedroom scene seriously hot! Marcelo in particular seemed overwhelmed with sexualized joy and abandon. There was so much steam coming from up from the stage floor that I had to wipe my glasses, and for a minute I wondered if it was that dry ice machine from SB malfunctioning!
  16. Thanks drb for the heads' up about Ferri dancing on Saturday night! I've been crushed I couldn't make any of the other Ferri performances this season, so as soon as I read that, I picked up the phone and called for a ticket. I'm glad to see so much enthusiasm about this week's performances. I was exhilarated after Tuesday night's performance, and I'm glad to see this ballet getting the appreciation it deserves!
  17. Manon, 6/12, Kent/Gomes/Radetsky/C. Corella Well, I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I had a great time tonight! This is the best performance I've seen yet this season, and I saw 2 Bayaderes, 1 Symph Concert/Dream, 1 Othello, and 3(!) SBs. I was very disappointed about Vishneva, and would have swapped in my ticket for Friday if I had heard of the casting change in time. Boy, I'm glad I didn't. Kent doesn't exude the same louche (is that the right word??) quality that Vishneva gave off so convincingly last year. But she pairs beautifully with Gomes, and at this point I'm convinced that everything he touches turns to gold. This is a ballet that really highlights the central couple, and they were great!!! It was one of those nights that made me grateful for ABT in general. Sascha Radetsky often looks too young to be convincing in "bad guy" roles, but he had such authority tonight that for a minute, I was actually convinced he could beat up Marcelo Gomes. And I like this ballet, and this production, very much. I hope that parents aren't taking their children to this, thinking ballet is just a sweet divertissement (I wouldn't want to have to explain Act III, Scene 2 to a child), but as an adult I find this one of the more intelligent ballets ABT has, and there's a lot more dancing than R&J. I loved all the dancing girls with high kicks in staccato time, and I only wished, as I so often do, that there was more for the wonderful corps guys to do. Go ABT!
  18. Any reports from today's matinee, especially Hee Seo's Bluebird pdd, and Maria Riccettos' Lilac Fairy?
  19. Like Vipa, I also enjoyed Murphy tonight, perhaps more for her technical ability than her bright and cheerful representation of Aurora. I enjoy watching such a thoroughly solid dancer. Surprisingly enough, I also found myself warming up to Michele Wiles (Lilac) more than I ever have before! I'm pondering over why this is, and I wonder if it's because I typically see her when either Part or Vishneva is also dancing (because those are the performances I buy tickets for), and she suffers by comparison with the soulful Russians. Whatever the cause, I enjoyed her tonight. I did notice her smile getting noticeably tense when she was hoisted up, though. What a trouper! And how is it that she missed her curtain call?? Sarah Lane -- as P. Florine was lovely. My only problem was her smile -- too big, too bright, too much. Please, Sarah -- don't get overly cute on us! The production has been so thoroughly trashed at this point, perhaps further commentary is superfluous, but I can't help but single out that awful green kilt, with the rhinestone breastplate, purple feather boa, and curly red wig. I feel sorry for the guy who gets assigned to wear that outfit!
  20. I also liked it, although this is embarrassing to confess, given the criticisms that are pouring forth. I loved Marcelo and Veronika on opening night, and have tickets for Vishneva and Hallberg tomorrow night, and Murphy and Hallberg on Saturday. So as to whether to go, my recommendation is yes!
  21. That may be because it's an "ABT Kids" performance. I have tickets too -- and I'm not an ABT kid -- and I'm hoping for the best in terms of a quiet balcony...
  22. I agree on both counts! I saw Misty Friday night and thought she was great. "Cat attitude" captures it perfectly, and I would add, if one can judge such a thing alongside cat-ness, she had a lot of authority as well. I like Maria very much as well. How come she only gets one Lilac Fairy? I saw her and Abrera in Symphonie Concertante last week. They looked great together -- very much in unison -- but I preferred Riccetto as a warmer and more lyrical dancer.
  23. I'm waiting for the reviews from today's performances! As to last night, was it just me, or did others also notice that during the prologue, you could see through the, um, shower curtain? I thought I glimpsed an arm moving around back there, and when I trained my opera glasses (from the family circle), I had a clear view of the corps girls, who appeared to be standing around, laughing, and chatting before the shower curtain went up.
  24. Since others have given thorough reviews, I'll just add a few comments. Part and Gomes looked terrific together. I think she actually dances better when he's on the stage! Someone commented in the Bayadere reviews that he looks protective towards her. I see that too, and I think she responds with a glowing security. She looked fine during the Rose Adagio, although there wasn't a lot of real balancing going on there, you could see how quickly she moved her hand from one suitor to the next. Surely she's capable of doing better than that. Looked beautiful otherwise. As to the child soloists, I thought little David Alvarez (I think that was his name -- don't have the program handy) had a beautiful presentation. I'm glad they didn't worry about the height differential when casting the kids! He didn't seem to notice it either, and looked the confident partner to his tall lady. Michele Wiles... I guess I still just don't get her, but I didn't care for her Lilac Fairy at all. I wonder what happened to Murphy? I look forward to seeing Abrera, and I see Riccetto gets one performance as well, which I wish I could see. Finally, as to Herman Cornejo as Bluebird, I'm just repeating what everyone else has said, but he is really dazzling!
  25. Surely they have decided this by now. If Part were going to be out, it would have been announced shortly after the opening gala. Hey -- after last night's performance, and many other similar ones, I have to wonder if those guys up there in the lighting booth know that their voices carry out over the whole Family Circle. I've never noticed this during opera. Is it a different crew for ABT, or do they figure that with the FC much less full during ballet, people won't hear?
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