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  1. Has anyone been to Swan Lake yet? I would love to hear reports on Reichlen and Bouder.
  2. You're right, I'm sure. I did a "google translate" on the page. Can't help but laugh at some of the renderings! Cory becomes "Collie Stearns." Anyway, it's good to see Hallberg on his feet!
  3. Indeed, a translation would be welcome. I see Simkin and Kajiya posing with the principals. Is there some news here?
  4. I'm glad the guy Nanushka describes (I was way upstairs) enjoyed the performance. I found it be be pretty lackluster. The season is limping to a close. If I were in charge, I would give Marcelo Gomes a huge huge bonus and a round-trip ticket to Hawaii for everything he has done this season.
  5. Many of us wanted to see Osipova and instead wound up with two tickets to see Cojocaru and Kobborg. It would be a huge plus for ABT customer relations if they would allow those of us with tickets for both performances to return one for credit to City Center or Nutcracker. Wishful thinking, I know, but what a huge gesture of goodwill towards loyal customers... and giving ABT a reputation as a company that cares about its loyal fans, unlike another nearby company, which will remain nameless.
  6. Thanks everyone for the astute analysis. I would be interested to hear more thoughts about the women soloists. I've been baffled as to why Kristi Boone and Misty Copeland have gotten so few opportunities, and even those for Sarah Lane have been limited and sporadic. I certainly hope the newer soloists -- Seo, Messmer, and Boylston -- don't get similarly stuck and stalled. It would be so depressing to see them dancing the same roles three years from now. As for the men, just a few seasons ago Eric Tamm was looking like a future David Hallberg. I don't know if he really hasn't developed since
  7. By the way, thanks for all the great analysis, commentary & performance reports, everyone! The board has been very vibrant this ballet season.
  8. I didn't cast a vote because either is fine with me -- what matters is that they're good, wherever they trained. However, it's hard not to like the idea of promoting from within, assuming the guys have enough coaching and traning to be up to principal-level work.
  9. Frankly, I'd rather see Hallberg, but you won't hear me complaining about the substitute: the website now lists Marcelo Gomes.
  10. So.... comments on tonight's performance?
  11. I also wondered what happened to Gennadi Saveliev and if he became injured during the performance. Hope it's not serious.
  12. Completely full house tonight. It looked sold out. Great! But wouldn't it have been more strategic to do SL earlier in the season? I'm assuming the sellout was because of the movie. Many of these people may be new balletgoers. If they enjoy SL, they may want to see other ballets, and at this point there's only Sleeping Beauty left. Doing SL earlier in the season would have captured these new balletgoers sooner, and given them more chances to experience more ballet. As I think about it, I realized that Don Q often starts the season, followed by a rep program, and that Swan Lake (and R&J, t
  13. Did he say who he was doing it with? It doesn't say.
  14. This isn't an ballet I feel a need to see, but I am interested to hear that Kristi Boone and Luciana Paris are doing the stepsisters. If anyone can report on the other casts of stepsisters I would be interested to know who and how they did.
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