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  1. Palm Beach County, FL we are also down to one theatre within a 100 mi. radius. Maybe Joseph will know something more?
  2. Both Ratmansky and Wheeldon come from similar training backgrounds. This may influence their choose of body type and quality of movement.
  3. I am reading it now. Very enjoyable. It is much of what a remember from my childhood training by a member of Ballet Caravan and Ballet Society. I will write more when I finish the book.
  4. Thank you for posting this. I have never seen it before. I have just purchased the last two in stock. Hopefully there will be others in the near future.
  5. Yes, I saw it in Boca Raton, Fl. Well worth it. Having never seen a full length Esmeralda, I was quite curious. Ist Act boarder on the ridiculous until you saw the magnificent 2nd Act. 3rd Act, not worth sitting through but glad I did. My purpose of attending was curiousity on a professional level. Second Act great for a school to explore. It was not particularly well performed but how I love the lightness and musicality!
  6. Thanks Joseph. Very exciting! I will be there, well, you know, here.
  7. Nice. What abandonment and lightness. Things have changed over the years, but my goodness this was uplifting. Thank you!
  8. Thank you for posting this. Not the best I have seen unfortunately. I don't mean to stir up controversy but that was not the quality I am accustomed to from Vaganova Academy nor Mariinsky (the studio is Mariinsky). Maybe she put it together without the benefit of coaching from a qualified person? It really bothers me that the music is completely wrong. Sorry to say, not a big from me.
  9. Mr. Villella has been remarkable for the development of ballet in Florida. Wishing him much happiness in retirement and may those on the search committee find a new AD with integrity, a wide knowledge of ballet and schooling and the ability to raise much needed funds to continue the growth of MCB.
  10. Received mine yesterday. Recommending it for the libraries of all serious professional training centers of ballet. Fantastic Catherine and congratulations. You all might consider using the Amazon search box above to buy the book. Ballet Alert and Ballet Talk for Dancers receive a small contribution when you use this to purchase your items through amazon.com.
  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  12. Victor Castelli was not trained at SAB. He trained at the School of the Garden State Ballet with Fred Danieli, as did Marjorie Spohn and Christine Redpath, although Chrissy was with A. Dolinoff in Montclair, NJ prior to her 4 or 5 years at GSB. I know she began at GSB at age 13. Victor began ballet late. I remember him in class at GSB at 12 or 13. He was a jazz dancer and maybe a tapper too before ballet. He attended SAB on a Ford Foundation Scholarship in the summer for 2 years in high school and was taken into NYCB upon his graduation from high school. Christine was at SAB for 1 summer and 6 months (I believe, it was years ago) but then was accepted into NYCB within her 1st full year at SAB. Spohn went into NYCB after her graduation from high school. Daniel Ulbricht was trained in St. Petersburg, FL at the Judith Lee Johnson School of Dance with Svetlana Osiyeva and Amy Rhoda. He came from a very good background in ballet prior to attending SAB full time at age 15 or 16. He attended a few summer programs at SAB. He came to ballet from a Karate background prior to his ballet training in Florida.
  13. It has been a long time for me but I believe Desire is Andrian Fadeyev, Aurora may be Yekaterina Osmolkina and Cinderella is Polina Rassadina. They are the ones I thought I could pick out. As you can see it took me a while to get through the dvd and write. Please excuse my post after rg's. I did not see his post.
  14. Marina was a rough but kind teacher. With the passing of Marina, a chapter has closed. May she find peace.
  15. Hilarion or Hans was Ilya Kuznetsov. I do not know who was Wilfred. In our theatre the feet were cut off most of the time. Quite annoying. I was told by someone who knows film that it was due to the person running the projector not doing something correctly. Could you see the feet? All in all a wonderful evening filled with a ballet loving crowd!
  16. Any "coaching system" requires talented, selfless ballet masters and willing particpants to be coached. This is not an easy combination to achieve. Since ballet masters and dancers are individuals, often ballet masters may be inspirational and good for one dancer, but not for another. It is similar to teachers in school.
  17. bart in the schooling sense, Vaganova training encompasses artistic and emotional sensibilites, dynamics of movement, musicality and mechanical prowess to describe what is technique. Dancers are individuals therefore often they can loose sight of this aesthetic. Coaching and training is an important ingredient to the stew. You might enjoy reading the forward and introduction to the book, The Training of the Male Dancer, by Nikolai I. Tarasov. While this book is a techincal manual used to aid in the training of the ballet student, the forward and introduction are beautifully written and address the very issue of what is technique. Your observations are quite astute.
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