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  1. The post on Instagram clearly thanks Erica Fischbach former ABT and the Academy Director. His husband is also with him. Perhaps just a friendly visit.
  2. You are correct, Sam never promoted himself. There is so much he was behind. Hopefully there will be a more complete accounting of all of his projects. Sam was amazing.
  3. This article only mentions a few of Mr. Miller's accomplishments. Hopefully the NY Times will run an official obituary but right now, is not the time. May he rest in peace.
  4. https://www.artforum.com/news/sam-miller-1952-2018-75252 Very sad news. A magnificent man who was always there for the artists. May he rest in peace.
  5. Unfortunately, I believe we have come to difference of opinion cubanmiamiboy. It is fine. The ballet needs differering points of view. We prefer different things. No biggy. I wish you much joy at the ballet. You ask what went wrong? I saw it once. A stumble and onward she went with a combination of ballonnés with plié/relevé. I would need to be up close and watched it closely to know. I had no time. I suppose I was astonished that the ballonnés on pointe did not happen, much less the hops in attitude front. I never expected it, so I was not looking with the analytical eye of a teacher. I was immensely impressed however that she went onward and upward from there. I must say however, having done that most difficult passage, my heart goes out to all who have to courage to even approach them onstage. Wonderful points Drew. Ballet has changed so, even from 25 years ago. To reach back to Markova, not one of my favorites, requires more knowledge than I have as I have read of her work however what I have seen on YouTube was far from what I like to see even as a ballet child of the 1960s.
  6. Congratulations cubanmiamiboy on your beautiful daughter. So sorry to have missed this exciting event. May this journey be filled with much happiness and good health for all.
  7. I was finally able to post. I will continue trying to navigate, but this one is difficult. Respectfully, Vicki Schneider aka vrsfanatic
  8. Thank you cubinmiamiboy for your reviews of MCB Giselle. I was able to attend the Sunday matinee at the Broward Center. Giselle: Simone Messmer, Albrecht: Rainer Krenstetter, Peasant Pas de Deux: Jennifer Lauren and Kleber Rebello, Myrta: Jordan-Elizabeth Long. I was so very sorry to read your previous review and the review in the Miami Herald of the Messmer/Krenstetter pairing that it peeked my curiousity. My experience was quite different than yours. I was sitting orchestra center, behind the lighting booth (so unfortunate this booth must be center of the orchestra). While Ms Messmer did not complete the famous diagonal of hops on pointe from up left to down right, her performance was superb, in spite of an orchestra that repeatedly played poor notes at very dramatic times in the ballet and the score. She is technically, musically and artistically well suited for this role. Both Acts were technically, musically and artistically remarkable (if one is able to forgive the diagonal, as most in the audience had no idea she had difficulty). I do agree, her 2nd Act is stronger than her 1st. There is so much room for growth. Wishing her the best as she develops in this role. The scenery was too large for the Broward Center reducing much of the dancing of the corps de ballet to barely moving at all. I will not say more about the corps de ballet than you have already addressed, training and good ballet mastering is imperative in doing such a classical piece. The principal dancers can only carry a classical piece so far. One might be able to dress a stage and costume the dancers but without the physical training necessary and the caring eye of a knowledgeable ballet master, it becomes a bit of a recital. I will go to West Palm for my final viewing of the Messmer/Krenstetter pairing. I am not a fan of Albertson, neither when she was in her prime nor now. I am hoping for a different Peasant Pas de Deux couple as I was not enthralled with J. Lauren. K. Rebello is well suited for the role and danced it with aplomb and strength. As Myrta, I found J-E Long to have a strong, high jump however her landings were brittle and her port de bras unsuited for the role. I salute Ms Lopez for challenging her ballet company to a classical piece and for bringing classical dance to South Florida. We need it. May their continued efforts reap frankly, more classical results. Onward to West Palm Beach. I encourage all in the South Florida area reading this commentary to attend any performances of this wonderful ballet. Miami City Ballet deserves our support. It has grown in leaps and bounds under the leadership of Ms. Lopez.
  9. Not sure about the mystery aspect of the post. I stated what was true, not a mystery at all. I would not have said anything otherwise. Sarah Smith is a common name. Good idea for this young lady to add her middle name.
  10. The "mukluks" in the photo are worn by a student who is not in uniform therefore I assume she is injured. They were wearing these booties when I was in Russia. I assumed the Russians started the fashion. I can tell you, it is cold enough. Another reason for the booties is it is customary in Russia to change your street shoes when walking into a building. No one is allowed to walk in Vaganova Academy with the same shoes one wears on the street. It is customary to change your shoes and leave them in the cloakroom. It is also not allowed to walk the hallways in your ballet slippers. These booties are a most perfect solution! As for the small numbers in class, "eta normalna". The class size in upper levels is rarely more than 10-12. Remember there are 2 levels of ladies and gentlemen in the intermediate and upper levels, while the lower 3 levels have 3 classes each with 12-15 in each class.
  11. My guess is that this is a different Sarah Smith, but I will check. The Sarah Smith in question is alive and well, living in NYC with her fabulous husband, two dogs and due with twins in October. Sarah was seriously injured two years ago while dancing on tour with ABT. She rehabbed for a year and spent all last season on the injured list. She did comeback briefly but has taken maternity leave as far as I know.
  12. As a professional in the ballet world and as someone with a deep allegiance to Pennsylvania Ballet may I say, the world of ballet is dancing Balanchine just as the world of ballet is dancing Petipa. A well trained dancer is needed to do both simultaneously. Whether or not these new directors of the School of the Pennsylvania Ballet are the right choice to implement Vaganova schooling is left to be seen. Merde to all!
  13. Enjoy St. Petersburg! I believe the renovation of the outside of Mariinsky I is tied up in red tape. I have not paid attention to that recently since the plan for it was so upsetting for me I just stopped paying attention then there was a small "revolt" of sorts over it.
  14. I have seen them dance together up close and onstage, on pointe and off pointe. Off pointe is only okay. They are both consummate professionals. They will do their best give you a fabulous show. She remains too tall for him.
  15. Just an opinion, Simkin is too small for Boylston and not a strong enough partner to handle someone taller than himself.
  16. Wishing Ms Hamrick and Mr. Jagger much happiness with the little one!
  17. She was a wonderful dancer. Hopefully the history will be re-written. Ms Austin deserves to be recognized.
  18. Well, thank you. Utterly beautiful, but this is Russian ballet. I am thrilled to see how she fit right in. I will look for 2nd Act.
  19. When V. Part danced Giselle at Mariinsky, she was just out of Vaganova Academy. A few years in the US could change the dancer. As for coaches, M. Gomes speaks often of his coach, Clinton Luckett with great respect. Isabella Boylston speaks very highly of her coach, Irina Kolpakova. It seems they support the coaching they are getting.
  20. I thought the discussion was about Nutcracker in Costa Mesa!
  21. He never partnered Boylston in performance.
  22. Having just returned from the Sunday matinee, I thought I might add I enjoyed the 2nd Act much more today than in West Palm. While some dancers may be lacking in pure classical line, over all the 2nd Act was danced with more calmness and femininity. We sat in the back of the orchestra for the 1st Act and a bit more forward for the 2nd.
  23. As I said, just my opinion, observations or thoughts.
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