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  1. I like it. I think I'll skip it. Saw the BLC and the Royal last season, think I need sometime off of SB. Well at least ABT can put Swan Lake away for a couple of years when touring. They are yet again doing it in my area, last 3 years we have had a Le Corsaire sandwich on Swan Lake bread.
  2. Starr

    Darcey Bussell,

    Yes, she is blessed. Last year she and her husband sold there house in the range of 2-3 million pounds. British papers must have a thing for ballerinas & their houses. Another one I remember was Leanne Benjamin, who talked about how many times she & her hubby have bought houses(one at a time). Though I gather that sort of thing is common in London. To be honest, I read a lot of interviews with dancers that sound like they are "cursed" with their talent or grouse about the hours, injuries, pay etc. Diana V. and Agnes Oakes come to mind.
  3. Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, now R&J? I'll let more of the NYCB experts debate this, but it seems rather ABT/RBish.
  4. I have been scratching my head too.
  5. I have to agree with you on with Louis & Monique. She was a half a step behind him. I don't remember him having Lisa do such hard steps last year. And that black lipstick on her(or anyone) is scary. In hindsight, I knew she was going to get voted off, but watched the results show anyway. The choice of music is getting worse every week. Hopefully they saved the better choices for the last 2 shows. By the way Emmitt & Cheryl were at the Texas Motor Speedway last night to give the command to start engines at the Craftsmen Truck Race.
  6. What keeps me coming back are Mario's adorable dimples. Before this DWTS season kicked off, I'd never heard about half of the so-called stars, Mario included. (Ditto last year.) Except for Mario and his adorable dimples, I haven't come to care much about anyone. I'd love to know how this show was pulled together. Where do the judges come from? There's a lot of dead time, IMO, although the studio footage is marginally fun. Len and Mario are also judges on the original BBC show "Strictly Come Dancing", I don't know anything about Carrie. I remember Mario from Saved by the Bell (a Sa
  7. I had never heard of Willa Ford before this show. I was impressed with her improvement every week. I feel we are going to have a change in the voting if there is another season. Don't know about the rest of you, but this season is rather blah to me.
  8. I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing (among other thoughts!!!) when I read Dale's post yesterday. Richard Okay, why do you both think that way.
  9. Well put. And I notice that all around the country it didn't air until 10pm. GOD FORBID they should pre-empt "Antiques Roadshow," episode 294,049. That's why I dvr'ed it. . It was on here also at 10pm. I was too pooped after preview night for school(redistricted elementaries this year so my preschooler and 4th grader are at new schools this year). Also the 4th grader wants to watch(budding ballet fan).
  10. The big question is will Tucker Carlson be as bad as ESPN's Kenny Mayne from last year. I may be wrong but I think Springer might be a suprise.
  11. I think that would be a good idea, but this is coming from an out of towner.
  12. I caught part of SFB doing Othello on PBS the other year(stumbled upon it). I didn't think it was that bad, I only saw maybe the last 30 minutes. I would pay to see that than Swan Lake, would love to catch Sylvia.
  13. Just got the issue in the mail today, it's just not a portrait of Rachel but an article too. Haven't read it yet, just glanced at it.
  14. When I saw this ballet in Cleveland, Carreno was announced before the curtain went up as Ali(guess someone got hurt as he wasn't cast). You couldn't hear the other subsitition for all the screaming for Jose. Don't know if it was a bunch of teenage girls, but it was loud.
  15. It's a good quote and I think it applies to all ballet companies, but then again you could apply it to any sort of business or sports team.
  16. I had seen Herrera in Swan Lake, she was okay. I saw the Herrera/Hallberg LeCorsaire in Cleveland(picked that performance because of David really). I was pleasantly surprised with Paloma, perhaps the role suits her better. I have a feeling David gets cast with Wiles alot because of her height and the "marketing" of the 2 young and up and comers. As silly as the plot is I rather like LeCorsaire, my husband loved it(I think we may have a new fan after all).
  17. One Giselle and one R&J would be enough for me! Being that I would be one of those ballet-loving tourists I would probably spend money on a NYCB ticket, since ABT comes to my neck of the woods. I think they are coming to Detroit and dancing Swan Lake, not sure if I will go as I saw them do it in Cleveland last year.
  18. Was the schedule like this last year? One ballet per week and trying to cram as many leads in as possible? Swan Lake every year? It's a bit much but it seems like they do R&J just as frequently.
  19. Saw the Thursday performance with Alina and Johan. She was well worth the money to stay for the second night, even though I saw the Kirov's Beauty in the fall. I have to say I enjoyed the RB's Beauty better than the Kirov's just from the fact I think the story flows better with the Royal's staging. I think the Kirov's fairy tale characters were more fun to watch, the RB's dance with that English restraint.
  20. We also had travel problems on Wednesday, but flying from Detroit. Our flight to BWI was cancelled and they wanted to put us on a 2pm flight. I asked if we could fly into one of the DC airports since we were going to DC. Got a noon flight to National. My son and I enjoyed the Mixed bill, he really liked La Valse, though I thought it seemed to be "off". Tanglewood was interesting(anything new that Clement Crisp liked had me thinking I had to see this). Enigma would have been helped by better program notes. Gloria was interesting, but I didn't love it like the 2 older ladies in our box. They l
  21. I'll be in DC for the Wed & Thurs. performances.
  22. Congradulations to David! I kind of figured this was coming.
  23. Here's the London casting for the mixed bill from earlier this season. La Valse Marianela Nuñez, Isabel Mcmeekan, Deirdre Chapman, David Makhateli, David Pickering, Gary Avis Gillian Revie, Lauren Cuthbertson, Vanessa Palmer, Yohei Sasaki, Tom Whitehead, Joshua Tuifua Tanglewood Leanne Benjamin, Martin Harvey, Darcey Bussell Leanne Benjamin, Martin Harvey, Marianela Nunez Gloria Alina Cojocaru, Carlos Acosta, Thiago Soares Sarah Lamb, Edward Watson, Gary Avis
  24. Tanglewood got good reviews in London. Did you get tickets for the mixed bill and Beauty? That's what I did.
  25. I have followed your advice Leigh and have my cancelable backup(got a slightly better rate than I thought with my AAA membership) and will try priceline/hotwire to get a better deal.
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