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  1. Very emphatically -- YES. There is definitely a level of too thin, most certainly at a physiological level if not an aesthetic one. And it varies individually by dancer -- some dancers might be "too thin" for their own body type and injuring themselves and compromising their health while still appearing to be of "average" size (for a dancer); others can be quite thin and bony and not be unhealthy. As one who knows, it is incredibly hard to sustain the level of activity and energy needed to dance well while attempting to reduce one's weight below a point that the body can healthily manage;
  2. 6/8/07: Dvorovenko, Beloserkovsky, Kirkland, Wiles etc. I made what ended up being a 5 hour (!!) drive to the city -- normally 3 -- to see friday evening's performance with a friend of mine. I really wanted to see Gelsey Kirkland -- really really really -- and she was fantastic!! Her miming sequence in the prologue was the best I've ever seen, and her committment to each of the movements she was performing made for a really strong characterization, as expected. Since everyone has commented a lot about the "production" itself -- and what a production it is... -- I'll comment a bit on the da
  3. Looks like Rodney Gustafson in pic 3 (profile, facing left) behind the woman in pink. who's in bright orange with the giant slit? wow!
  4. Ah. There was a chance I might have been able to see tonight's performance -- I thought a compare/contrast review might be more insightful, but alas -- no such luck. I did, however, have GREAT LUCK on Tuesday!! My sister and I bought standing room tickets (no student discounts offered for Ferri/Carreno) and we happily watched the first act from the first standing row on the orchestra level (I brought my binoculars!)...but during the first intermission were offered front row seats from a sweet elderly couple who were leaving -- so we ended up in the very first row (center) for the second and
  5. Yes!! I did!! Very excited to have been able to see it. I will post more in a bit, hopefully tomorrow.
  6. I've never been carded at the Met! :rolleyes: Yes, the NYCB deal is great.
  7. I'm sorry it's taken me awhile to post! I saw Friday's Vishneva/Malakhov performance, courtesy of a last-minute decision to drive to NYC, cross my fingers the whole way, and hope that student rush tickets were still available. Caveat: I suppose part of my reaction to the performance is colored by being so far away from the stage (second to last row!) without opera glasses, though the view wasn't bad except for the inability to see facial expressions. I'd last seen Manon in Paris (danced by the Paris Opera Ballet -- sigh) and I remember liking it a lot (though that was 10 years ago or so.
  8. Thanks, Helene! I wish I could post more frequently, but I live so far away from most performance venues Yes!! I think that's him!! I did some google image (re)searching (haha) and the images that appear agree with my memory. Doesn't it look like so much fun?? (I wish I could dance as well as the Kirov dancers!) Thom Willems' score for that piece is so compelling. Forsythe's choreography is based in ballet technique but expands on basic vocabulary and extends the range of movements that can be generated using conventional ballet steps (and that well-known prosthetic device -- th
  9. (this ended up being long -- I'm sorry!) I agree -- I think the blonde in question is Elena Sheshina, and the tall redhead is Kondaurova. I went to the Thursday night performance and it looked as though the house was close to full, at least at the orhcestra level...and there were multiple calls for each piece, so it appeared as though others in the audience were enjoying the performance as much as I was. I love Forsythe's work, so my opinions of the performance may be a bit biased, but overall, it was very pleasing to see such strong and talented dancers performing his choreography. Stepte
  10. Who are the two incredibly bored-looking girls in the back of the Darci pic? It's hard to imagine being that underwhelmed on the stage of the state theatre...
  11. A few comments on ABT's Swan Lake, nothing too insightful: For what it's worth, I thought the maypole looked fairly ridiculous...and found most of act I (except Franklin and the pdt -- Cornejo is such a great jumper) to be somewhat less than enthralling. I didn't understand why in Act II, the corps is bourreeing in parallel, en face to the audience -- a very unattractive and unflattering position in a tutu -- instead of in fifth position, and prefer the choreography in the Makhalina/Zelensky version (Makhalina is a beautiful Odette, and unlike Murphy does not overpower the role.) I thought
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