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  1. My review, now that I'm back in Philly. Well- a disappointment, frankly. The dancers were excellent- particularly enjoyed Pablo Piantino as Eros, Vanessa Zahorian gave it youthful dignity, Juan Boada was fine. However, it was just not that exciting. The second act slaves were quite funny, but the whole ballet did not have a sparkle for me. I'm curious to see what the SF Chronicle (or whatever the daily paper is) has to say, so link appreciated. On the other hand- I went to the Smuin Ballet's 10th yr retrospective Friday (opening) night. I enjoyed it tremendously. Yes, there were some things over the top etc, but the youthful exuberance, athleticism, energy and creativity made for a very enjoyable evening.
  2. If anyone is going Sat night, I will be there, and I would be interested in meeting during intermission for animated discussions! I am there for a meeting, and taking full advantage of it (Fri nite- Smuin).
  3. Saw and enjoyed. I agree about the lovers, but enjoyed Ferri, Stiefel, Cornejo. I love watching "men on pointe" (Bottom). Just too brief- not even an hour. If they can broadcast "Gotterdammerung", then why not more dance?!
  4. I got my (single) ticket a while back, so I'm set, and I will give a report. Another ?- I could see the Smuin ballet on Fri nite. Sounds like it is a retrospective of "the best of...". Worth the price of admission?
  5. Thanks for the input. I will try to get tkts for Ferri Mon nite, even tho it means I will be somewhat useless Tuesday (I won't get into Philly until about 1 am). Sounds like it's worth it, and point about not being around to dance much longer taken.
  6. OK, all you ABTomanes. A bunch of us are planning to see Romeo and Juliet in NYC. Comments on the ideal performance? We might be restricted to the Wed matinee with Dvorevenko et al. Comments?
  7. Anyone heard anything about this? It will be performed when I'm in town at the end of April.
  8. I went to a YAGP regional for the first time. I must agree with Ms. Leigh- watching younger kids do variations intended for a mature dancer was painful. Altho some could do the movements (and I'm not to judge how well, except with gross incompetence), that was all they were- no flow, no artistry or true musicality.
  9. They can't use the whole opera- do they use the suite?
  10. Agree! We thoroughly enjoyed. Highlights were Tzigane (and altho I only have the video of S Farrell, it was also in my mind's eye) and a beautiful Apollo. It was a big treat to see Chan Han Goh. Beautifully danced.
  11. Just found out about this in the NYTimes. We're going to DonQ- yes a hokey crowd pleaser, but we're in the mood for some bravura dancing. Any one know anything about casting? We're hoping that Carreno's cousin will be dancing- she was amazing in the PBS "Men's Club" program.
  12. BW- when are you planning to come up? We live right outside Phila. We're definitely doing the Wheeldon Swan Lake, but tend to go to NYC for other ballet (such snobs!). Phila is a wonderful town for walking and exploring- the Rittenhouse area, Society Hill, with its very old townhouses, Chinatown, South Philly (Italian Market), Art Museum area etc. No car needed (and it's a liability).
  13. We saw the Phrenic New Ballet last night in Phila. A few members of the PA Ballet formed this offshoot to focus on new choreography/multimedia approaches to dance. There were 4 pieces. Major complaint- with all the great music in the world, why does one have to pick "Noise, parts 1, 2, 3" for dance? There was a Chopin piece, but we didn't care for the pas that went with it. The video clips preceding the pieces (with the exception of the first, which set the background for the duet between Christine Cox and her disabled sister), added nothing, and detracted a lot. There were a lot of interesting lifts, and I'm not a choreographic (or even ballet) expert, but the choreography was interesting, rather than unified. Anyone else go?
  14. We saw the last ballets of the season- Concerto 488 and the new Firebird. We were disappointed. The highlight was hearing the beautiful Mozart piano concerto live- didn't care for the choreography by Lila York, altho the dancers did an excellent job. The men were highlighted in this piece, and appeared to rise to the occasion. I think the choreography tried to be too many things- Tharp, classical, whatever- and it was annoying. The Firebird was the choregraphy by the Canadian James Kudelka. It was well danced, with Arantxa Ochoa the Firebird, but the emphasis was on spectacle rather than dance or characterization. The costumes were over the top- the women's panniers were truly the ugliest thing I have ever seen in a ballet. The looked like Penugonda's costume in Candide as she sings "Glitter and Be Gay". Next year will be Wheeldon's Swan Lake. Looking forward to that.
  15. Dog and horse books- Lad, A Dog (Albert Payson Terhune), Black Beauty (cried all 8 times I read it- Poor Ginger), every book by CW Anderson on horses. I'm grateful that my daughter did not inherit the horse crazy gene. Riskier than ballet, and a lot more expensive!
  16. I MISS T & D so much....the last piece I saw (on TV) was the dance to one of the Bach suites played by YoYoMa. Sigh. Taped it, and all I am left with is my T & D videos. Depth of ice dancing artistry and intelligence that we may never see again...
  17. Speaking of the ABT documentary- which I have watched nth times thru the years, and always find entertaining- who is the very young dancer being offered a contract before she finishes school? I can't see from the angle.
  18. Speaking of the ABT documentary- which I have watched nth times thru the years, and always find entertaining- who is the very young dancer being offered a contract before she finishes school? I can't see from the angle.
  19. I have an incredible book from the ?50s. It is "Le Ballet". It is in French, with handcolored illustrations by Picasso, Miro, and other artists, as well as full of photos of ballerinas from the past. After I saw it in a shop in NYC some years ago for $900- without the handcolored illustrations- I wrapped it in acid free paper, and will only white gloves while handling it. Has anyone else seen this book?
  20. Does anyone know of this video? It is from the '80s and looked very interesting. I saw it on ebay, and bid, but was way outbid. It went for over $50!! Any other source?
  21. First, a disclaimer: I am not Anna Kisselgoff or Arlene Croce- but I know what I like! I loved the performance this afternoon in Philly! S Webre gave a brief intro, and then off to 3 vibrant, creative, contemporary ballets. First was "Blue Until June" with music by Etta James, choreography T McIntyre, followed by T Tharp's "Brief Fling", and finally, Webre's own "Juanita y Alicia" with live Cuban music. The dancing- a blend of classical, contemp, modern, and ?- was fantastic. This group worked hard- most were in every piece, and would have to dance again tonite. Their versatility shone, and the cultural diversity of the company is amazing. Major gripe- no photos in the Stagebill, so one could put face to name. S Webre had a short Q and A at the end re: Hispanoamerican influences, etc. I am really looking forward to a return visit- a real refreshing change from classical/ neoclassical.
  22. We will be going this weekend- in Philly. Front row seats (not my first choice, but the best we could do). I am really looking forward to it- much prefer innovative, thematic ballets to "Giselle" et al.This is to be followed by an audition the next day for daughter for Wash. Anyway- report/impressions to follow from the front row perspective.
  23. dufay

    Wendy Whelan

    Haven't been to NYCB yet this year- but that is good news. My daughter and I admire her incredible technique, but she has looked like a small breeze would blow her over. So thin, it's not pleasant to watch.
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